Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Educated Author disrespect the South

What happens when you take a guy from California and move him to Durham to work at Duke University. He writes bad things about fishing in the south. Referring to the new south as the crowded with "motor homes, Taco Bells, water-slide theme parks, and roadside knickknack stands ."
He says he gave up fly fishing for bass fishing because he just couldn't find anything to compare to western beauty in the outdoors. He also refers to North Carolina as being the home of Daniel Boone and Grizzly bears.

He seems to think that we all fish with cheese flavored plastic lures here. Too bad he never went fly fishing with one of us... Wait maybe it is a good thing . He might have been eaten by one of our Grizzly bears. Instead in LA he can get shot by a gang member, buried in a mud slide or crushed by an earthquake. But hey, they do have some good fishing there.

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