Sunday, April 17, 2005

Undercover Fly Shop Visit - Dick's Sporting Goods - Mooresville, NC

Recently I went undercover and visited Dick's Sporting Goods in Mooresville, NC (a suburb of Charlotte). As I entered the store I noted a large mural of a gentleman holding a fly rod. I thought this could be promising. However, the selection of fly fishing items was sparse. They carry a line of Columbia clothing which includes fishing shirts and vests. The fly fishing section is a small corner of what they call "The Lodge". It contained a few fly boxes, cortland line, leaders (the lightest weight was 5x), wader repair kits, one fly tying kit and some fairly acceptable flies (mostly nymphs)sold in blister packs of two. The also had one starter fly rod combo in stock. I didn't notice any other fly rods but didn't really look very hard. They did carry some fly rod cases though. I can remember visiting Dick's a few years back and them having a much larger selection. However, it appears that now they are not a big player in the fly fishing business. In contrast their online store has more items so I can hold out hope that other locations might have a larger selection. From my visit the only conclusion I can draw is that they are mostly looking to sell to the casual fisherman new to the sport. Comments accepted at

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