Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Meeting with Author Harry Slone

Tonight I was able to spend an hour talking with Harry Slone, author of "Trout Streams of Virginia" in the bar of the Hotel Roanoke. It was very enlightening to talk to a person who has probably forgotten more about fly fishing for trout than I could learn in a lifetime. Harry is working on the 4th edition of his book and hopes to have it on the shelves in the near future. Once complete you can bet you will see a review on our web site. .

Maybe I can talk Harry into sharing some of his info about fly fishing in Virginia with us. On a side note I asked him why most of the pictures in his book showed him fishing with a fiberglass rod. He told me the Or**s people asked him the same thing and he told them he was trying to show that you could get started in fly fishing without a lot of fancy equipment. You have to respect that!

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