Thursday, January 09, 2020

Undercover Fly Shop Visit: Fly South

Recently I had the good fortune to be in Nashville, Tennessee and of course,  I found myself sneaking into an excellent local fly shop.  Fly South is tucked away just off  Broadway near Vanderbilt University.

As an added perk, Fly South just happens to be across the street from the legendary Hattie B's Hot Chicken.

Fly South is the favorite haunt of's occasional correspondent and our fishing buddy, Jay Moore.   As soon as we walked through the door we could tell why he liked it.

The requisite long shot down the fly bin.  Huge selection and all species covered

They kept the "meat" in jars

Appealing to the PBR set.  I may or may not have purchased this shirt.

If you tie flies this shop should be on top of your list.  The materials department was massive. 

Mr. Whiting's Mutant Hackle Beast

Dubbing upon Dubbing

Note the tying area in the foreground.  These folks are fly tyers.

I suppose I was so overwhelmed by the flies and materials that I neglected to get shots of the rods, reels, and waders that they also sell.  Suffice it to say that they can fix you up on any of that as well.

I visited close to closing time and the staff was attentive. They asked me several times if they could help me find something and seemed to take my answer of, "No, I just like to look around fly shops." with a puzzled nod and left me alone.  Towards the end of my visit, they seemed to be getting a bit curious about the guy roaming the shop snapping photos, so I purchased a Fly South tee shirt and headed for the door.  On my way out I couldn't help but wonder if they had any job openings at this great example of a full-service fly shop.

Keep an eye out for more Undercover Fly Shop visits in the future.  You never know when might show up and wander your local purveyor of fly fishing goodness's aisles. 

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