Friday, December 30, 2016

Argentina: Non fishing news Climbing Edition.

Join us in thinking happy, fair weather, and oxygen rich thoughts for friend of FlyfishMagazine, Bryan Mannlein. Bryan and a team of fellow climbers are in Argentina making ready to climb all 22,841 feet of Mount Aconcagua.

Bryan has already conquered the Colorado 14'ers so he is more than capable.  Our attempts to sponsor Bryan's trip were somewhat hampered by the lack of fly fishing atop Aconcagua. However, we did manage to purchase the naming rights to his left boot by treating him to a hearty meal of Texas BBQ brisket.

The team currently plans a summit attempt in early January.  Follow Bryan on Instagram @bryanmannlein 

“For the stone from the top for geologists, the knowledge of the limits of endurance for the doctors, but above all for the spirit of adventure to keep alive the soul of man.” 
― George Mallory

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

We poll our readers on what they want from Santa Chum

It seems a lot of our twitter followers think they have been pretty good boys and girls this year.   Of course we would never disagree. We hope that Santa puts exactly what you are looking for under the tree!   In case you wonder, the #1 response for the "Other" category was fly fishing trips.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Gear: The Mayfly Kayak - Optimized for Fly Fishing.

Jackson Kayak Designs recently announced production of the Mayfly.  The Mayfly is a kayak optimized for the fly fisher.

From their press release:

This kayak will feature some great new fly fishing specific accessories and features like fly patches, fly rod and hidden fly box sized storage.
Kayak anglers will appreciate these MayFly features:
  • Thoughtful design to aid in fly line management
  • Longer length – 12’6” for increased speed and tracking
  • Versatile hull design for flat and calm moving water fishing environments
  • Increased width – 34” for enhanced stability while seated and standing, beginner-friendly
  • New Elite Seat System with Hi-Low and Fore-Aft trimming for better comfort
  • Rod tip tubes to protect gear
  • New hinging hatches and footrest designed to be fly line friendly
  • YakAttack track systems to add accessories and customize placement within reach
  • Standing pad for comfort when sight fishing
  • Standard accessories like RAM Mounts® fishing rod
  • Designed to easily add on Power-Pole® accessories for customization

“Kayak fishing had matured to a point where there’s a kayak made specifically for nearly every fishing style and body of water – except fly fishing,” explained Jackson Kayak Brand Manager Damon Bungard. “There’s always something that got in the way. That time is over. As the specialty leader, we felt it was time to make a no-compromise fly fishing kayak with the features and performance demanded by both beginner and dedicated fly anglers. We’ve come up with a hull optimized to perform in still-water and in-shore conditions, prioritized stability for standing and casting and developed features focused on fly line management – like a snag-free footrest and hidden fly box compartments. The MayFly represents years of real-world experience kayak fly fishing all over the world, and says that yes, you too, may fly fish from a kayak.”

Jackson Kayak is located in Sparta, TN (near newly returned home, FlyfishMagazine contributor, Jay Moore) and the Caney Fork River where we all enjoy wetting a line.  

The Mayfly will be available in 2017 with a MSRP of $1,799

Monday, December 05, 2016

It's good to know people: Capt. Gordon Edition

Our fishing buddy and sometimes contributor, Captain Gordon Churchill was featured on as a local celeb.  It's good to know people.

**Update - Sources indicate that the Captain might be working on a new book.**