Monday, October 31, 2016

Gear: Tenkara Rod Co Package $99 on Massdrop

**update** less than 24 hours left on this deal

We recently joined a site called Massdrop which allows users to join forces to make purchases at a savings.   This Teton Tenkara rod package from Tenkara Rod Co. immediately caught our eye.  MSRP is $159 and the Massdrop price is $99.  Best price we could find online for the same deal was $128 and that was for the rod only.  The current drop is set to ship on November 18th so join now if you are interested.


  • Teton rod
  • Swivel tips
  • Line
  • Line spool
  • 5x tippet
  • Line clips
  • 3 hand-tied flies
  • Soft carrying case
  • Hardshell carrying case
  • Tenkara Rod Co. lifetime warranty

Full disclosure:  If enough of you sign up using this link they might send us a gift box.  However, we have no idea what that actually entails.   

Here is the link to the rod.  

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Kickstarter Watch: ActiCool

The folks at @ActiCool dropped us a message asking for us to check out their Kickstarter campaign for their shirts.   Having survived the heat of our first Texas summer the promise of staying cooler while on the water caught our eye.   According to the data they sent, you can expect a three degree drop in core temperatures when wearing their shirts. As of right now there is one super earlybird backer package left which gets you the shirt for $27 USD. They are from north of the boarder so you need to check with them on the cost of international shipping to the States.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Monday, October 17, 2016

Searching Wikileaks: Fly Fishing Edition

We decided to risk ending up on a list somewhere to search the Wikileaks website for the term "fly fishing".

The results? 122 items with the words.  A bit of spam, a few resumes (interests include fly fishing..) as well as mentions of Dick Chaney and even Henry Kissinger.  Also there is an interesting diplomatic cable that talks about issues facing the Mongolian taimen fishery. 

One item that definitely caught our eye was an email that discussed a Patagonian hydro-electric project.  Specifically the following quote: 

Pinera wants to sell the idea to the poor that HidroAysen will lower
energy costs," Navia said. "The immediate effect of destroying Aysen
is not that evident because theya're not users," he said, referring to
lower earners. "It's not like theya're going to miss fly fishing."

Do some digging of your own and let us know if you find anything good.  Here is the link.


Thursday, October 13, 2016

eBay watch: Drinks like a fish

This decidedly fish shaped flask, which just turned up on eBay, might be the perfect gift for that one angler in every fishing club who drinks like the prey he stalks.   Buy it now priced at $28.50 from seller dilyssun.   Single malt not included.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Jailbreak: 80,000 rainbow trout escape fish farm

Fox news is reporting that a cargo ship traversing a Danish fjord clipped some fish farm nets and inadvertently released 80,000 rainbow trout.

A cargo ship on Monday accidentally tore apart a fish farm net off Assens, 124 miles west of Copenhagen in the western Baltic Sea. Now authorities fear the farmed trout will eat the eggs of other trout species.

Soeren Knabe of the environmental group Vandpleje Fyn is urging anglers to "grab their rods and catch as many as possible. I'll join them this weekend."

To which we respond:

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Interesting Read: When you shouldn't support your local fly shop.

In a recent article in The Coloradoan, Dave Coulson talks about when you should (and shouldn't) support  your local fly shop.  Man bites dog, now that is news! 

"the biggest reason a shop will lose my business is service. Do I feel welcome and are my dollars appreciated? For example, my daughter visited an area shop to purchase a gift certificate for me. Several minutes after entering the shop, she’d not been served or addressed, whereas a couple of older gentlemen entering the shop after her were greeted and served."

I still have a couple of shops who's doors I won't darken (or can't because they are gone) related to service I got when I was just a poor kid getting into the sport.    I also have a few that I absolutely enjoy buying from!

Should you ever skip the local shop?  Discuss....

Monday, October 03, 2016

Bass Pro Shops to acquire Cabelas....

The New York Times is reporting that the two outdoor retailers will merge....Discuss among yourselves.

Bass Pro Shops — which remains privately held, largely by Johnny Morris, who started the company 45 years ago in his father’s liquor store near Springfield, Mo. — plans to purchase Cabela’s for about $65.50 a share in cash, according to a statement on Monday. Cabela’s said on Dec. 1 that it was exploring strategic alternatives. The takeover price represents a 40 percent premium to where its shares were trading that day.