Thursday, April 09, 2015

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Breaking News - Glass is dead

Sources with close ties to the fly fishing industry are reporting that glass passed away in its sleep late last night and is now dead.  Despite a recent resurgence in popularity among younger anglers and hipsters,  the once vibrant glass succumbed to surging prices for rods that were once considered the lower end of fly fishing performance.  

 An anonymous rod manufacturer was quick to respond to our request for comment this morning with the following statement:  "Obviously glass will be missed.  However, it was only matter of time before anglers casting abilities got better and the need for the slower rods gave way to the need to punch tight loops into the wind."

Bamboo also weighed in about his less pretentious brother, "He was a good rod but always wanted to be as prestigious as me.  We had a contentious relationship, with him often boasting about only having to have one tip and being able to fish in the rain without warping." He then, strangely, followed his statement by yelling out #GrassIsNotDead. Graphite was not available for comment due to the threat of a severe thunderstorm in the area.

Thus far, all attempts to locate Cameron Mortenson have been unsuccessful.