Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gear: Jesse James Fly Reels

It stands to reason that a guy who bends steel to build custom motor cycles might make the leap to bar stock aluminum fly reels. After all they do look sort of look like the wheels on an old school chopper. Enter The Jesse James Fly Reel Company. The company is actually a colaboration between Alaska fishing guide Mark Mahoric and James.

" Our goal from the beginning was to design and build fly fishing reels that have a strong foundation and are tool-like in their form and function. Add to that a ton of inspiration from Jesse James and many custom influences from West Coast Choppers, and you have the first of our fly reels...

We like the fact that the Jesse James reels evoke emotion from anglers that own our Fly Reels. WICKED! COOL! BADASS! SICK! are a few words used by Anglers to describe our products. Hearing it, let’s us know we are on the right track"

Check them out on the web at

I could see our Gangster buddy Zugbug rocking one of these on the San Juan in a few weeks.


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Project Healing Waters F3T Denver

April 5th, 2014 marks one of our favorite fly fishing events. The Fly Fishing Film Tour makes a stop in Denver (well actually Parker) and the best part is that it benefits Project Healing Waters.

Come one, come all to PHWFF – Denver’s 3rd annual Fly Fishing Film Tour fundraiser on Apr 5, 2014. The best showing of the area as projected onto the IMAX screen of the Wildlife Experience movie theatre (10035 S Peoria St, Parker, CO 80134). There will be a raffle, silent auction, as well as an auction of well known Colorado fishing guides.

If you are interested in our VIP package, which includes dinner, gifts, and preferred seating please email us at Head it as F3T VIP.

For tickets visit


Sunday, March 02, 2014

Gear: San Juan 2014 - Getting Small

A dozen flies with room for more.

Continuing on our theme focusing on gear for the upcoming FlyfishMagazine trip to the San Juan River in New Mexico, much research is being put into fly selection. Jeff Paisley, our staff tail water specialist, advised small flies, but I didn't realize just how small until I got in touch with Greg Sabin of His website let me know pretty quickly that my size 18-20 definition of small was a bit on the big size.

Greg put together a personalized assortment of nymphs ranging from size 22-28 coupled with a few traditional local flies. This should give me a leg up as long as I can figure out how to get them tied to the end of my leader (note to self get some magnifying lenses). He shipped them quickly and at a very fair price. Just so we are clear on the sizes, the photo above shows a dozen midges on the face of a dime with room for a few more.

Stay tuned for more gear features, including some innovative strike indicator options we will be testing on the river.

Extra points if you picked up on the vague Steve Martin reference.