Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Gear: MacWet Climatec Gloves

Recently I received a pair of MacWet gloves to test drive. These light weight gloves come billed as "equipped for grip" and are popular with shooters and equestrian sportsmen. The gloves are form fitting, comfortable and have a tactical feel. They are definitely not intended for extremely cold temperatures, nor are they waterproof (as evidenced during a recent snow shoveling adventure), but if you need keep hold of anything from a fly rod, MP5 sub machine gun, or the oars of your favorite drift boat, these will do the trick.

All grip, no slip. That is the mission statement of these fantastic MacWet Climatec ® long cuff sports gloves. For sports where a good grip enhances your performance wear these maximum grip Macwet gloves. 100% great grip, even in the wettest weather, these gloves are ideal for golf, horse riding, watersports, shooting, fishing, cycling and even paragliding, to name a few activities. The long gloves finishes just above the wrist and has a thick elasticated cuff which uses a durable Velcro strap for a secure fit. The ideal glove for any sporting activity where a good grip enhances performance: MacWet Climatec ® long cuff sports gloves.

These gloves will be a permanent addition to our fishing pack and will most likely find the most use during mild spring and fall fishing trips. They are available from various retailers including via this link:

Macwet Men's & Women's 1 Pair Long Climatec Sports Gloves 6 Green

MSRP around $49.

Friday, January 17, 2014