Sunday, December 15, 2013

One Tin Soldier Rides Away: Actor / Writer Tom Laughlin dies at 82

This clip probably got a lot of us in trouble as kids. Rest in peace Billy Jack.  

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Conservation - Consciousness Runs Deep


Conservation - Consciousness Runs Deep from Soul River on Vimeo.

Surreal....I think I dreamt something like this once. From @thesoulriver

This short film mixes art, mythology, music, and poetry to provide a fresh perspective through the personal lens of environmental justice and the outdoors inspired by the sport fly fishing. In this film, a young man goes through his life in the city and morphs with his consciousness by the guidance of a Naiad. Conservation provides a breath of fresh air from a young, urban, and hip approach and inspires our consciousness to run deep and become ambassadors of the outdoors.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Stories we wear

I never thought it was particularly cool when my Mom sent me to school with patches ironed onto the knees of my "Toughskin" jeans. I may have not thought it was cool, but at the time there were plenty of other kids wearing the same sort of fashion.  After all jeans cost money and we all played hard in the creeks, dirt, and bushes.  Holes in jeans wouldn't be "in" until years later and my Mom would have sooner sent me to school without lunch than with holes in my britches.

Fast forward a few years to a fishing trip with some new friends who made a point to remark about a few patches in my waders, right up until I landed the largest fish of the day.  The story was the same then, waders cost money and I fished hard in the creeks, dirt, and bushes.

After watching "Worn Wear" from Patagonia, I have to say that lately my fishing equipment looks far too new and drastically under patched. 

In case you missed it: April Vokey on 60 Minutes

Back in the day getting a visit from 60 Minutes was bad for business.  Times are different now especially if you are April Vokey and are being featured on 60 Minutes Sports which airs on Showtime.
"I’m not a great caster; I’m not a great fly tier; I’m not a great writer; I’m not the best at any of those things,”
 She is most definitely a "Bada$$ on the river"