Monday, February 27, 2012

The Internet's least expensive ($12) fly reel?

Maybe you remember our very popular post about the Internet's most expensive fly reel? It appears that we may have found one of the least expensive. This "Resin Fly Fishing Reel" from Deal Extreme weighs in a hefty 5.7 ounces and costs a whopping $12.

The description touts it as "Great for Sea fishing!" We are guessing Marlin, Tarpon, Croaker and such. Mad Props to any readers who care to order one of these and then send us a picture of the largest fish ever caught on a $12 reel!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Getting Blitzed

 We got "Blitz"ed at the Flyfishing Show and never even visited the Hotel bar.

 Tosh Brown (Departure Publishing) and OG fly fishing blogger Pete McDonald ( signed copies of their coffee table worthy book that tells the story of a season spent following the Atlantic striper migration, "The Blitz."   

You know you have missed your five minutes of fame when the author inscribes your copy, "You would have been on page 154." 

I'd have probably flubbed the cast.


 Fish art creation by Canvasfish.