Monday, November 28, 2011

Found on ebay: Bull Trout

You can probably find anything on ebay. The cryptid trout above was reportedly a display at a sporting goods store and is now for sale. Buy it now price is $575 via Only-Human's ebay auction. I am thinking that this would look great mounted on the hood of my pickup.
I also think I have seen this beast before. Anybody out there know what store it came from?

For the Christmas List: Orvis 1954 Airstream Flying Cloud

It looks like the Orvis PR Department has finally decided to sell off their weekend retreat. Orvis is acutioning off a fully restored 1954 Airstream Flying cloud. Current bid is $76,000.

From the auction listing:
An American icon restored to its former glory. Originally used as a hunting and fishing lodge near Goose Lake, Oregon, this one-of-a-kind classic has been meticulously restored by Timeless Travel Trailers, the premiere custom travel-trailer builder in North America. Procured specifically for Orvis, this trailer was transported to the company's facility in Denver, Colorado, for a complete artisan rebuild. No detail was overlooked during the ground-up customization, resulting in a trailer that is in better-than-new condition.

The gleaming hand-polished exterior is only the first hint that this trailer is truly special. Inside, the warm and cozy Orvis-inspired cabin is appointed with natural hickory wood, aged oak flooring, copper sheet, and genuine leather. Brand-new running gear has been installed below including a new axle, brakes, suspension, wheels, tires, and coupler. All of the systems have been upgraded to meet or exceed current industry standards. Provisions have been made for adding air conditioning. This trailer is road ready and fully prepared for your next fishing, hunting, or cross-country expedition. For more information and photos, visit Orvis Timeless Airstream

If you win the auction, we call dibs on the top bunk.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mad Fish Disease?

Could humans catch mad fish disease from eating farm raised fish fed with pellets made from infected beef product? A Louisville, Ky researcher thinks it could be possible.

Writing in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, Robert P. Friedland suggests that farmed fish could transmit Creutzfeldt Jakob disease - the human form of mad cow disease - if they are fed with pellets rendered from cows. He is urging government regulators to ban feeding cow meat or bone meal to fish until the safety of this widespread practice can be confirmed

Via TGdailey

Gun Knife Combo

From the "things not to take to the airport" file and found in a 1930's catalog. This combination pocketknife / pistol would make a great addition to the urban anglers kit. Think of it as never having to decide which type of fight you are bringing it to...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pack rod / gun combo

I can see this being a big hit with the urban brownliner set. Available from Mountain view Machine and Welding. Just be very careful of the trigger when you try to double haul.

Pack-Rifle Specifications
Weight:15.5 oz
Take-Down Length:17"
Sights:Adjustabe Peep
MSRP: 425.00

Thursday, November 03, 2011

#Occupy The Flats

Let those other fly fishing guides know you are part of the 99% by rocking this "unbranded tube of cloth" while poling your skiff for tarpon on your favorite salt flat. Available on ETSY from GiantEye's shop. (photo courtesy GiantEye's Etsy shop). Anybody up for some #occupypostedfishingholes?

*Editors note: While we have probably been civilly disobedient at some point in our checkered past, FlyfishMagazine cannot condone sneaking into your local private fishing club's water. Unless of course you pay the appropriate membership fee. Anything you do while wearing garb such as this, including landing a world record tarpon, is at your own risk.