Monday, December 13, 2010

Join The Bonefish & Tarpon Trust: Win a Skiff

Some lucky member to the non-profit Bonefish & Tarpon Trust will win this completely rigged Hell’s Bay Waterman in the BTT membership sweepstakes. Go to _tarbone.org_ ( for more.
Final month to join Bonefish & Tarpon Trust for chance to win a Hell’s Bay shallow water skiff
Just one month remains in the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust membership drive with a Hell’s Bay Boatworks Lodge Edition Waterman skiff as the grand prize to one lucky person who joins. The Hell’s Bay 18 ft. shallow water skiff, complete with a Yamaha outboard and trailer, valued at $35,000 is BTT’s ultimate trophy in its membership sweepstakes ending Dec. 31.
BTT spokesman Aaron Adams said, “The great thing about the Hell’s Bay boat for the sweepstakes is it’s helped to raise substantial attention for BTT, increasing our membership numbers which helps bring us funds for our research and conservation programs.” For years the popular non-profit science-based BTT has championed a proactive approach to fisheries management with research and studies. “Our conservation efforts are focused along the mid-Atlantic and Gulf coasts from Virginia to Texas to Mexico, and throughout the Caribbean including the Bahamas,” said Adams adding, “and we’re also doing some work in the Pacific as well.” “We’re conducting research and conservation such as satellite tagging for adult tarpon, and studying juvenile habitats throughout the Caribbean plus the migrations of bonefish and permit.” Adams said.
“The donations to BTT and the sweepstakes are instrumental in also increasing BTT’s ability to support some significant upcoming research.” Hell’s Bay Boatworks’ owner Chris Peterson said, “One of the many things I like about BTT is that 85% of the money that comes into the trust goes out in research and conservation. “BTT has 1300 active members across the U.S. and around the world.
One of the things about bonefish, tarpon and permit is people come from across the globe to fish for them.” Go to BTT’s website at _tarbone.org_ ( and click on the ”Sweepstakes” tab to join and enter.
Hell’s Bay much involved in fisheries conservation causes Active hands-on involvement in marine conservation charities like BTT is of key meaning to Hell’s Bay’s Capt. Chris and Wendi Peterson, who since buying the once bankrupt company -- and despite the recession -- have turned it into a remarkable success story. “Today Hell’s Bay Boatworks is led by a team of dedicated fishermen, outdoorsmen and adventurers passionate about giving back to the sport of fishing by supporting non-profit organizations that value the longevity of the sport,” said Chris Peterson. As leaders in the design of 10 models of custom shallow water skiffs, the Titusville, Fla., builder has been described as clearly giving back to “help ensure the future of our fisheries.” “And now is when it’s needed most,” he said. “We became even more proactive after the severe downturn hit the marine community which crippled many other builders. We love being involved and making a difference. Non-profits and charitable groups need to keep running in the good times and the bad.” In addition to its work with the BTT, Hell’s Bay also supports the IGFA, the Coastal Conservation Association, the FishStock weekend in New Smyrna Beach, and the Redbone tournaments in the Florida Keys for cystic fibrosis research. Hell’s Bay actively works with clubs in retrieving abandoned ghost crab traps from inshore waters and also built a huge aerated tank which is loaned to many catch-and-release events vital for the safe release of tournament fish.
Hell’s Bay Boatworks is located at 1520 Chaffee Drive in Titusville. Visit them on the web at _hellsbayboatworks.com_ ( . To contact Peterson e-mail him at _chris@hellsbayboatworks.com_ ( or Hell's Bay’s office at 321-383-8223

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Original Gangsta

Fly fishing author, Pete McDonald (pictured here holding a very expensive Hardy reel) recently posted about the lengths a city dwelling angler will go to get his fix.
On the slack tide there is no better way to see New York City than by boat. Up the East River past the hospitals and Gracie Mansion and into the Harlem River past the fishing pier and under the draw bridges and up to catch a glance of baseball’s Cathedral in the Bronx. Then running back down and hooking under the Triboro and through Hell’s Gate past the DEP boats and between the Two Brothers to watch the planes land at Laguardia or wave to the prisoners shooting hoops on the Rikers overflow barge.
Read the rest here at Fishing Jones and keep an eye to the shelves for his book coming out soon.

Monday, December 06, 2010

But she has a great personality...

We have all heard tales and legends of particularly elusive lunkers that seem to be smarter than the average angler. Now scientist at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden believe that Brown Trout may posess individual personalities.
"My results show that it are not just humans and other mammals that exhibit personality. Also brown trout differ among each other in their level of aggression and react differently to changes in their surroundings", says Bart Adriaenssens. "The release of a novel object in the aquarium causes very different reactions. Some individuals will immediately explore this object, whereas others will rather hide in a corner and try to avoid every contact."
Although it might just be the meek that inherit the creek bed...
"But it are not always the bold and aggressive fish who are most successful. When we marked trout individually and released them back in the wild, it were shy trout who grew most rapidly."

Quote of the week: Nirvana

This week's quote comes from an article by Tim Wade in the Cody Enterprise titled "Fishing adrenaline rush can lead to ‘nirvana’." It even manages to take a swipe at the bobber guys among us.

Not every angler is in pursuit of Nirvana and these are the ones that will switch from a dry fly to a strike indicator and nymph rig in a heartbeat if they can't get a take on a dry within the first five minutes of trying.

Reading Material

Available via for their Kindle e-reader comes what we think might be the perfect in flight browsing material for the fly fishing gear-a-holic.

Volume 1 of a series of compilations of U.S. Patents related to fly rods, reels, flies, materials and methods. Future series will include lures, spinning and casting fishing equipment. A must have for the fisherman, inventor, patent attorney and merchandiser. Includes abstracts, background, drawings, summaries and more.

MSRP $2.98 delivered to your favorite mobile device.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Found in the Urban Wild Music Edition

Normally we Southern men don't need Neil Young around but when Jimmy Fallon plays the part we take notice.

Gear: Rio Announces New Saltwater Fly Line

Rio products announces another addition to their fly line offerings for 2011. The Saltwater Outbound® Short.
From their press release:
11.29.2010– The new Saltwater OutBound Short from RIO is an incredibly easy loading, fast casting line that gives fly fishers a huge advantage when targeting moving fish. The front-weighted head is slightly heavier than the AFTMA standard, empowering this line to load a rod instantly, and with an overall head length of only 30 feet and a short rear taper, it easily allows anglers to make fast, one-shot casts.
RIO designs lines to give anglers an advantage in every fishing scenario, and the new Saltwater Outbound Short is no exception. It has a 10 ft long clear, intermediate tip that is ideal for spooky fish and for coping with tough winds, and features a hard, tropical coating, manufactured with AgentX, DualTone and XS Technologies for the maximum in slickness and performance. The line is built on an easy-stretching, medium stiff core that ensures the line does not wilt in the heat and includes welded loops on both ends for fast, easy rigging.The RIO Saltwater Outbound Short is ideal for fast moving fish such as tarpon, permit and trevally. They are available between WF8 and WF12, with a MSRP of $79.95, from all authorized RIO dealers. More info is available via the Rio Products website.