Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Patagonia launches Fly Fishing E-Catalog

Our friends over at Patagonia sent us this release, which since they are our friends, we decided to publish in it's entirety. In the interest of full disclosure, these guys have bought us an adult beverage or two in the past. Notwithstanding their plying us with alcohol, an e-catalog that won't end up filling up our landfills remains pretty darn cool.

PATAGONIA FISH LAUNCHES PAPERLESS E-CATALOG e-Catalog Saves Almost 200 Trees and Eliminates Almost 8,300 Pounds of Solid Waste

VENTURA, Calif. (March 29, 2010) — Patagonia, the fishing and outdoor apparel manufacturer, launches its first-ever Fish e-Catalog – an online, interactive, 52-page flipbook. With a feel that’s more “magazine” than “catalog,” readers will be able to watch embedded videos, read unique Ambassador commentary, click on technical product information and provides avenues to purchase. The catalog will be distributed via e-mail and social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, blogs and certified Fish dealer websites. The user-controlled e-Catalog replaces the company’s traditional paper-based catalog this Spring, as it is easier to find and is a small step toward permanently eliminating a paper catalog for Patagonia’s Fishing line.

“We’re a catalog company at our core, so a non-traditional e-Catalog is a huge move for us – but a step in the right direction environmentally,” notes Casey Sheahan, Patagonia’s angling CEO. “This is a greener way to be in the catalog business. Our hope is that anglers are psyched to get product information this way so moving forward we can try to avoid sending catalogs to individual mailboxes.”

By eliminating the paper catalog, Patagonia saves about 74,826 gallons of wastewater, 8,279 pounds of solid waste, 176 trees and almost 16,300 pounds of Co2. The company hopes that anglers will take note and embrace the new e-Catalog model, "The success of this experiment depends largely on the fishing community's response. If they like it and it goes viral then the next one will be bigger, better, and even more interactive."

“The fishing market is the right place to launch an e-Catalog. Anglers are online, engaged, and we’re hoping they will help us get the word out on their own Facebook and Twitter pages,” continues Sheahan. “Anglers have turned to the internet to review water conditions, hatches, plan trips, research product news, blog, and more, making them the perfect customer for an online, interactive e-Catalog that feels more like a magazine or multi-media site.”

Readers will also enjoy new features such as “product system recommendations,” where one can learn about which products best suit different types of fishing and environs. Some examples include wet wading for backcountry trout, dry wading for backcountry trout and classic steelhead/salmon fishing. With the new e-catalog, Patagonia now has the luxury of providing its fans and customers more in-depth and individualized product recommendations. Patagonia encourages all bloggers, journalists, websites and anglers to post the e-Catalog link on their pages to get the word out.

Monday, March 29, 2010

New addition to the bookshelf.

But not before it gets a reading. "92 in the shade" by Thomas McGuane. Not sure who Chuck is but he got the book signed back in 1992

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Customer Service Excels

With a weekend full of guide trips approaching,weds finds my trim tab down on my Hell'sBay skiff. I call Lenco for a replacement part and customer service answers on one ring and simply says"Can I help you?"A few minutes later the part is being sent overnight at no charge with the quote"We have to keep you guys on the water." That is what will keep you loyal to a brand name. Some fly fishing brands do provide excellent service, others do not. Curious to hear your experience or story with the fly retail companies? Capt.Paul

Friday, March 26, 2010

Gill nets in the news again in NC

The MFC in their infinite wisdom has come up with another half baked compromise. I say, not so much. Just wondering how long this can go on before the feds step in and totally take over flounder and turtle rules in this state and then the boys who fish for a living will really know what it's like to have no recourse. They can complain to the MFC members and get their way now. That will not be the case when the feds come in. They have been unwilling to change for so long that it will come crashing down right on top of them.
-Capt. Gordon

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

GaGa for Fishing?

The Daily Star is reporting that Lady Gaga and friends recently spent some time fishing:

“She’s pretty eccentric, she didn’t take her heels off once.
“She went down to Onetangi beach to go fishing in her eight-inch heels, undies and a man’s business shirt – that’s it. She still had her bright yellow hair.”
Another source revealed: “Lady GaGa on the beach was the funniest sight.
“She was surrounded by surfers who couldn’t believe it was her as she as stood completely still with a long fishing rod.”

No information as of yet as to the truth of the rumor that the event was actually a photo shoot for the next Moldy Chum Friday Pin Up.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gyoko Band

Gyoko is a Japanese Music group trying to promote the eating of fish to the youth of Japan. It seems their taste for Bluefin and Blubber isn't keeping pace with prior generations and Goyoko sings about the joys of fish in an attempt to boost demand.

An article in the Wall Street Journal spells it out.

"I love fishing, but I hate eating fish," he said, as he hung out with friends in Tokyo's fashionable Harajuku neighborhood. "They smell fishy, and I don't like their bones."

Sounds like their may just be an opportunity for conservation.

**Update - Our man on the ground in Japan, Jason Murdock, provides a culture lesson in the comments to this post. Jason is my Cousin and is one of the American Hero's who protect and serve from our military bases overseas.

Alaska Bans Felt Soles

The Alaska Board of Fisheries announced that it will outlaw felt soled wading shoes starting in 2012. Trout Unlimited made the request and their blog has news of the decision.

"The board on Friday, March 19, passed the proposal unanimously after hearing testimony earlier in the week from anglers, lodge owners and others who warned that unless Alaska takes action to protect its freshwater rivers, lakes and streams, they risk becoming infected as in other parts of the world. Alaska is now the first state to enact a complete statewide ban on felt sole wading gear."

While we understand the motivation, of interest to some is the lack of a ban on boot laces or nooks and crannies on vibram boot soles and other fishing gear. There is however no ban on slipping and falling on your hindquarters. Seriously though, can't someone come up with felt impregnated with something that will kill the nasties and keep us dry? We can put a man on the moon....

Tip 0'the hat to Moldy Chum

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

VS back on Direct TV

VERSUS Field & Live Sports Return to DIRECTV:
DIRECTV and VERSUS Reach Carriage Agreement

El Segundo, CA, and Philadelphia - DIRECTV and Comcast have reached an agreement to return VERSUS to the DIRECTV programming lineup today. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.VERSUS will return to the same DIRECTV programming packages it was in at the end of August 2009.

"We are pleased that both sides were able to work out a satisfactory deal to bring this programming back to our customers," said Derek Chang, executive vice president, Content Strategy and Development, DIRECTV."We're excited that we were able to come to a fair agreement that puts VERSUS back in millions of homes with DIRECTV in time for our busy spring programming schedule," said Jamie Davis, president of VERSUS. "We look forward to super-serving these fans with NHL regular-season and playoff coverage, our first live UFC event and much more."

Chat with Ross Reels via Twitter

Ross Reels will be chatting live via Twitter handle @FlyFishPro today from 3-4 PM MST (5-6 PM EST). Log in and ask them everything you wanted to know about their fly fishing gear. While you are there make sure you follow @FlyFishMagazine. We promise not to make you drink any kool-aid. At least not right away...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Here Kitty Kitty

Ever feel like something is watching you? It seems that a motorist sighted a Cougar in NJ, and not the kind that hang out at shore nightclubs during the summer months.

"Officers did find "feline tracks" in a muddy creek bed bear Robertsville Road, according to Marsala, and a wildlife biologist was analyzing photos of the tracks today."

Checking out the related story links brings up this interesting photo supposedly captured by a wildlife camera

***Update: Thanks to Alert Reader A. Nonymous the photo link above is a hoax. No word on the sighting but I am still refraining from wearing my Kentucky Fried Chicken aftershave while fishing.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Orvis finds Podcast Success

This week an article on the Times Argus Newspaper's website gives insight in to success that Orvis has found through their Fly Fishing Guide Podcast hosted by Tom Rosenbauer. The podcast continues to grow in popularity and bring them more customers and even though Orvis products are rarely ever mentioned in it.
"It's really good customer interaction. Business-wise, I feel like I have such a great handle on what our customers are looking for and what they're thinking about," Rosenbauer said. However, Rosenbauer said the podcasts feature very little marketing. He rarely mentions Orvis products and keeps the shows educational rather than promotional.
The article also has a quote from Rosenbauer which does a good job of summing up fly fishers in general:
"When you get into fly-fishing, you get to be a real sicko and you want it all the time. You want to think about it, talk about it, look around at Web sites when your boss isn't looking so they really love a little dose of fly-fishing when they're on their commute, when they're on the train in the morning or driving to their jobs,"
The podcasts can be found on the Internet at www.orvis.com/podcast or at the iTunes Web site at itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/orvis-fly-fishing-guide-podcast/id278930814.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Remember Him?

He has a new gig all about making rod blanks for the builders among us.

North Fork Composites is Gary Loomis' latest project, devoted to producing the highest-quality, American-made rod blanks for the custom-rod builder and OEM markets. All of the blanks bearing the North Fork name are designed and manufactured at North Fork's own facility in Woodland, Washington. And while North Fork is a group effort, we think it makes sense to introduce some of the core people involved:

First and foremost, there is Gary. Do we really need to say more about the man who was a key player in bringing graphite to the fishing world over 35 years ago? Well, perhaps we should say that Gary and the *North Fork* of the Lewis go waaay back.

Second is Gary’s son, Brad. You won’t hear much from Brad directly—he is happy to let his work with composites speak on his behalf. We can tell you, though, that many people think Brad is the finest machinist in the Loomis family. That's high praise indeed.

And third is Jon Bial, who serves as the General Manager (and general counsel). If you call North Fork, you are likely to get Jon. An angler, outdoors guy, and lover of fine, handmade rods, Jon finds his “down-time” is best served by hiking into the backcountry in search of untouched trout, or perhaps launching a whitewater raft off a 10-foot drop.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Commercial fishermen are trying to pull the wool...

...over the eyes of the general public. They are passing on the story that environmental groups are trying to ban ALL fishing. Whatever. Jeffery Weeks of southern NC wrote a good story about it:
UPDATE! ESPN Editor says mistake was made.

Monday, March 08, 2010

15 - 20% Coupon Code From Sierra Trading Post

The latest offering from our friends at Sierra Trading Post is a coupon code good for 15% off of $100 or for you big spenders 20% off $150. This is one of Sierra's rare coupon codes which can be combined with any of their on site offers for even more great savings.

Press Release: Sage's New Xi3 Saltwater Series

Sage Brings Innovation and Technology to the New Xi3 Series:

The Ultimate Saltwater Fly Rod

March 1, 2010 (Bainbridge Island, WA) – After six more months of rigorous field-testing since the launch and with warmer weather around the corner, Sage is proud to name the Xi3 the best saltwater rod series Sage has ever created. Utilizing SaltH2O Technology, a proprietary taper construction providing torque and torsion for superior tracking and maximum energy efficiency, the Xi3 performs with true precision. Sage’s Generation 5 (G5) construction employs 100% graphite hoop fibers to provide more power in the butt section and increased sensitivity in the tip. The Modulus Positioning System (MPS) maximizes performance and reduces rod weight by varying the modulus or flex according to the need of each inch of the rod. This provides a startlingly acute level of line feel throughout the casting stroke and allows more efficient application of power.

“With all the design modifications and technological advances applied to the Xi3, we have created a rod that tracks seamlessly and has the backbone to pick up 60 to 70 feet of line all while significantly reducing the weight,” explains Jerry Siem, Sage Rod Designer. “We are very proud of this new design. Everyone who casts an Xi3 feels the difference immediately.”

Other features of the Xi3 include an EVA/cork fighting butt, saltwater-safe, black anodized reel seat, and a full wells cork grip. Fuji hard chrome-plated stripping guides with Alconite inserts are used for durability and line wear resistance. The use of over-sized Tip-tops and snake guides allow smooth line movement. The Xi3 has a Pacific blue colored shaft with Electra blue trim wraps and Cobalt blue primary wraps. It comes in four pieces and in line weights from #6 to #16. The Xi3 includes a black fabric rod sock and powder-coated aluminum tube.

About Sage:Founded in 1980, Sage was created with one idea in mind - to build the world's finest performance fly rods. Passionate about creating fly fishing products that continually exceed expectations, Sage strives to seek performance advantages through new materials and designs based on a foundation of research and innovation. Sage also offers fly reels, fly lines, apparel, accessories and luggage for avid anglers.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Found in the suburban wild

I found this Orvis Outlet in Lahaska, PA but without a single item of fishing gear to be found. I suppressed my disappointment long enough to inquire as to why and was told that they weren't allowed to carry gear since there was a local Orvis fly shop near by. They did however have a large assortment of clothing and home items at reduced prices. I regret not picking up a tiny working model Medieval Catapult that was on the mark down table.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

The NJ Transition Continues

Thanks to the Trophy Wife and her excellent nose for the 50% off the already reduced clearance price rack, I scored an early Birthday present and added an eight weight Sage Xi2 and Tibor Back Country CL reel spooled with Sci Anglers intermediate line to the fledgling Saltwater arsenal. When does spring come around here anyway?

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Hogs of Winter

Note from Hilary: The story below is written by my pal Bryan, who I used to guide with at Glacier Anglers in West Glacier, MT. Due to a skiing injury, I am supposed to be on bedrest and I was not "allowed" to go on this float over the weekend. I hate boys who are bossy and hog the hogs. But I guess I love these boys, and I love the fish they netted on this beautiful winter outing at the crown of the continent.

From Bryan Anderson: Many folks find that the biggest fish are often caught during the winter months. The picture above is of Darwon Stoneman, owner of Glacier Anglers in West Glacier. True, fish become less active when it's cold, but the decrease in available food and fishing pressure means they get less finicky.

This is especially evident in the glacial waters of Northwest Montana since there’s not a whole lot of aquatic life to begin with. That, and the well-established fact that the local cutthroats are not the most challenging trophies anyway. But I won’t complain ‘cause there’s nothing wrong with catching dumb fish every now and then. Or in my case, I make a career out of chasing the easy ones.

Since we’re near the end of a mild winter that threatens to put a premature end to the ski season, it’s not as hard as you’d think to bundle up for a float trip. The bluebird weekend we had didn’t hurt.

The morning started out with heavy valley fog that burned away by noon to reveal bright skies and the snowcapped Rockies. Throughout the day, layers came off as the sun became hot on our backs. In equal intervals the layers went back on and a good winter coat came in handy as the sun eventually left and kept us wishing for July and a pair of flip flops.

The cutthroats here in the Flathead River are developing spawning colors and getting ready to make their annual trip to the tributary streams that surround Glacier National Park. The idea is to intercept those fish before the pilgrimage begins. When the timing is right, you’ll see sizeable average fish in decent numbers.

It was an open debate as to which sub-surface pattern from Montana Fly Company would be most effective. Although we did see two fish rise to something on the surface, a dry fly never hit the water. In the end, MFC's streamers and nymphs worked well and brought nice fish to the boat. We pulled the Flathead Trifecta--cutthroat, rainbow and bull trout. With the run in its infancy, there are most certainly better days to come.

So, yeah, we caught bull trout. Fishing for this protected species is not allowed, but since they eat what cutties eat, there’s nothing you can do but treat one well if you bring one to net. It's a special privilege to be a fisherman here, which brings the responsibility of helping protect native bulls. Just don’t “try” to catch one, or I’ll tell on you.

Before you head out and try to make a little spring magic of your own, there’s one item of gear most fishermen don’t consider. You’d better have some chains for your truck if you want a shot at floating the best sections as the spawning run progresses. Sliding the boat over a few snow banks at the put-in is inevitable but without chains, that haul could take up the better part of day. That’s just one more reason you won’t see much competition.
Photos courtesy of Marc Evans, Glacier Anglers fishing guide extraordinaire, whitewater guru, all-around great guy.