Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Southern Christmas haul

Hobe's ham, Ruth's Pimento cheese spread, and Duke's Mayo. Things you can't get North of the Mason Dixon.

Christmas loot pt. 2

The cousins in law provided just the right touch for the FlyfishMagazine corporate offices.

Christmas Booty

Honorable son #1 gave us 25 sticks of Christmas cheer.

Worst Holiday Gift Ever?

This quote stood out when I ran across an article on GoErie.com that asked Executive types about their worst ever holiday gifts.

"Emilia DiMenco, executive vice president at Harris Bank: "Someone once gave me a fly-fishing pole, complete with a tackle box full of flies. I hate fishing"

This has to be the best explanation we have heard yet for the American financial crisis.

How about it fly fishing executive or non executive types? What was your worst holiday gift ever? Your best?

The Editorial Trophy wife will most likely weigh in right away with a comment about the clothes steamer we got her for Christmas a few years back (we won't do that again). Feel free to leave your comments anonymously to protect the "innocent."

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas poem

This is compliments of the Triangle Flyfishing Club in Raleigh:

'Twas the week before Christmas and down on the Haw
Not a fish was arisin', the weather was raw.
The water was frigid and brisk was the air,
Too chilly for fishing, but I didn’t care.

The largemouth were nestled down deep in their pools
While bluegill and sunfish were nobody’s fools.
And I in my waders and old fishing cap,
As usual, just couldn’t cast worth a crap.

When further upstream there arose such a crash,
I started, and slipped, and sat down with a splash.
My glasses went this way, my rod, it went that.
You know you’re in deep when you’ve floated your hat.

The gleam of the sun on the river around
Was lovely, but heck, I was going to drown!
When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a funky old kayak. (The end must be near).

With a little old paddler, too fat for the boat,
Who was trying his best just to keep it afloat.
Through the rapids he teetered, bounced off every big rock.
Old Nick’s in big trouble, I thought with a shock.

But as he arrived at my favorite hole
He snapped it in place with a neat barrel roll
And glided in softly, as smooth as can be.
No fish would be spooked, except maybe me.

And then in a twinkling he popped out of his craft
Like a cork from a bottle, I shouldn’t have laughed.
He reached back inside and he slowly withdrew
A lovely old 4wt of shiny bamboo.

He was dressed all in Gore-Tex and looked straight from the pages
Of catalogs like Orvis’, Chota’s and Sage’s.
A vest full of goodies encircled his frame
With gadgets and zingers, too many to name.

He spoke not a word but went straight to his fun,
Throwing laser-like casts, seeming straight from a gun.
His roll casts were graceful, his loops were so tight.
Presentation was flawless, his drift was just right.

He threw Clausers and Zonkers, and woollies and strymphs,
Caddis and Adams and Cahills and nymphs.
He had all of fly fishing's mysteries debunked,
But darned if old Santa Claus didn’t get skunked.

I felt sort of bad for the jolly old elf.
But why fish the Haw, I was asking myself.
He could have fished Battenkill, Madison, Snake.
Seemed like the Haw was a foolish mistake.

I needn’t have worried, I had nothing to dread,
For he gave me a wink and here’s what he said.
“We all should remember, and here’s what I’m wishin',
It’s not about fish, but it’s all about fishin'”.

He sprang to his boat, to the rocks gave a push,
And shot down the stream with a splash and a woosh.
But I heard him exclaim as he drifted from sight
“Happy Christmas to all, and to all keep lines tight”

Merry Christmas from Carolinabonefishing.com and Capt. Paul

Friday, December 18, 2009

All I want for Christmas...

You may have noticed the lack of our traditional holiday gift guide this season. Factors such as everybody else doing one and us having access to some amazing content from Patagonia via @OutsideHilary, made the decision to skip it a no-brainer. We will still be heavy on product features and when it all boils down, anything we feature on FlyfishMagazine.com would make an excellent addition to any angler's stocking foot waders.
However, I could not resist posting this premo holiday gift item when the Editorial Trophy Wife dug up an auction notice for the Diamond Shoals Light Station located 13 miles of the coast of Hatteras in our much beloved North Carolina. I couldn't help but think what a great corporate HQ / offshore casino /fishing lodge/ independent man made island principality, this would be for the FlyfishMagazine crew.
"COMING SPRING 2010. The light station is a steel oil drilling platform, known as a Texas Tower, that has been modified to act as a light station. It is located approximately 13 miles off the coast of Cape Hatteras. The platform includes two (2) floors. The subfloor consists of a 5,000 square feet living area. "
Sure we might need a crane or something to hoist @CaptGordon's skiff up top when the weather starts to blow (after all it is the Graveyard of the Atlantic), and we would certainly need to pick up a couple of silkworm missile launchers from China and a few twin .50 cals to keep the Somali Gillnetters off the decks.
Capt. Paul Rose might be convinced that redfish really are the carp of the sea.
Jay Moore might actually get to fish for trout around the pilings. Something that has been lacking for him lately.
Phil Duke could use the isolation to literally write reams of articles about his trip (singular) to the Caney Fork in Tennessee.
The Editorial Trophy Wife and I would simply be happy to own a house in Carolina again.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cow Pie Siestas and Treestand Dapping

If you've ever fished so hard that you'll let your sleepy head fall two inches from a cow pie for a five-minute siesta, then you know how it's been for "Fishing Pal Chad" and me in Patagonia, Argentina. Our plane is delayed in Minneapolis on our route home to Montana, so I thought I'd post a couple of pictures of some of the highlights from our memorable adventure in South America.

I love this pic of Fishing Pal Chad and Nico, our guide, fishing from more than 12 feet up an old-growth tree. Chad waited a half-hour for the perfect placement. One dap, one flip, one chomp, and one perfect landing. I just love when it all goes down as planned!

The weather turned nasty as we hiked back down to Lago Cholila. Still, we waded into the lake and found some beautiful land-locked Pacific salmon.

Since there are cattle grazing everywhere, even on the most remote river banks, we set foot in many-a-mess. One day Fishing Pal Chad was so whooped from fishing that he plopped down just inches from a plop and took a powernap without knowing how close he came to getting a pie in the face. That's what he gets for out-fishing me!
On our last day, Sunday, we pulled in the biggest fish of the trip...icing on the, um, pie.
Thanks for reading--it's been real! Hilary

Monday, December 14, 2009

Found in the urban wild

Did you know they give away dubbing teasers and foam fly bodies at the mall? Oh and the fancy Q-tips are wonderful...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Argentina's Pata-variety

Note from Hilary: I figured since my fishing pal Chad is in so many of my Patagonia pics, he'd better pull his blog weight and write a post. So...here's his quick rundown of the past two days.

From Fishing Pal Chad:
Yesterday the alarm jarred me awake at 5am, stealing away my strange dream. I hit snooze twelve times and stumbled down the stairs for a great breakfast and another day in paradise-- Cholila Valley, Argentina.

If one had to sum up the waters here in a word (besides beautiful, fishy, perfect...) the word would be variety. Every river has a drastically different character and there is a lake around every bend. Throw in a spring creek or two also.

We kicked the day off yesterday hike-wading to a public spring creek near Murmullos Lodge. The fishing was tough, but unforgettable. Large brookies, browns and rainbows cruised a rod length away in gin-clear water, unimpressed with our efforts. We did manage to net a few, including the most beautiful 18" brookie I have ever seen.

After lunch, we trucked over to Nico's (our groovy Argentinian guide) private lake on Murmullos Lodge property. It was somewhat of an exploratory trip since it hadn't been fished in eight years. We decided collectively on the name Crapshoot Lake. It turns out Nico has a lake full of feisty rainbows with unlimited growth potential. Pretty cool.

Today consisted of a seven mile zodiak trip to the inlet of Cholila Lake. We cruised upstream on foot-to-spot sippers. The rainbows we found were tucked up under the banks under thick mats of Chihue Bamboo; safe as a baby in Jesus's arms, so I thought. Hilary managed to wiggle her way through a bunch of bamboo and hook a rainbow by flipping/dapping a beetle. We later landed another by setting up in a tree twelve feet above the river. Exciting stuff. Those pics from up in the tree are still in the camera at the bottom of all of our nasty gear, so Hil will post them tomorrow. You'll want to check back to see them because it's hard to believe the story without the proof. Oh, also, she will probably post that pic of me sleeping next to a cow pie.

More to come!
Pulling my blog weight, Fishing Pal Chad

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Heaven in High Water

I'm told it was a colder-than-normal November here in Patagonia, southern Argentina, which slowed down the end of the spring run-off. And it's been warm and sunny for the past week, so the rivers have suddenly gone up quite a bit. They're pretty clear, but high. Since we're at the base of the mountains, we can actually see the run-off happening in the form of long, plunging waterfalls. The high water added a bit of a challenge, but wasn't at all discouraging. We had a wonderful day chuckin' new MFC streamer patterns like Weise's Love Bunny and Yost's Hot Ass Sculpin. I've never thrown streamers for eight hours non-stop before. Right now I am typing with my left hand only, because my entire right arm hates me. We caught some really nice big rainbows and browns, but we also missed a lot because we got too excited watching the beasts chase tail, and ended up yanking the bunnies way too early. Today we'll be fishing a more technical river, and our amazing Argentine guide and fishing program manager here at Murmullos Lodge, Nico, says we'll be changing flies a lot more often. "I am going to ask you to use your brains," he said. Okey doke then. Hilary

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Fishing Patagonia, Day 1

Well, this is blowing my mind. I'm fishing in Patagonia's Cholila valley along the 500,000-acre Los Alerces National Park. I have so much to say, but I talk way too much anyway. So for my Day 1 report, I'll keep it short. My childhood fishing pal Chad and I are completely impressed. We're staying at Murmullos Lodge. Summertime is just beginning here, so the 25-thousand acre ranch is green, flowered with roses and wild lupine and nestled at the base of huge white-capped mountains with cool names like "The Mummy." Murmullos is located just a few minutes from the still-standing cabin where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid retired. "Murmullos" means murmuring in Spanish, which is what the river does as it runs along the property. We answered the call of the murmuring yesterday, bringing in big, healthy rainbows on streamers and dries during a ten-mile float. Since the lodge is stocked with Montana Fly Company flies, it was fun to see our favorite patterns fish so well at the other end of the world. Looking through pictures this morning from yesterday's adventure, my head started spinning as I realized this isn't a dream. We're headed out now to hit it again, so I'll have much more tonight. Hilary

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Sock It To Me

FlyfishMagazine Photo Redux. Lest we forget that a lot of folks are fighting to protect the fish pictured above. Check out our anglers and hunters at the Sportsman's Alliance for Alaska to learn more about what you can do to help in the fight against the Pebble Mine.

Gear: Buff Introduces Angling Gloves

The company that makes FlyfishMagazine.com's favorite functional tube of cloth, Buff has announced the introduction of "New Premium Line of Pro-Series Angler and Fighting Work Gloves® to Encompass All Angling Needs"

Buff unveils the Pro-Series Angling Gloves and Fight Work Gloves for all angling needs.
The gloves will be available in February 2010.
The Pro-Series Angler Glove has a Diamond Grip palm by Clarino™, along with an Accordion finger grip and longer stripping guard fingers.
The Fighting Work Glove boasts a pole grip palm, and is designed for large catches and poling.
Both models have UPF50+ protection, and breathable, moisture-wicking, two-way comfort stretch for flexible lateral movement.
Photos shortly.

Sunday, December 06, 2009


"I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." (Attributed to Isoroku Yamamoto)

Friday, December 04, 2009

Fly Rod Chonicles for Best Fishing Show

Curtis Fleming and our friends at Fly Rod Chronicles are up for an award and are asking their fans to click and vote. One voter will win a TFO Curtis Fleming Signature Rod so fire up the internets and start voting.
Fly Rod Chronicles with Curtis Fleming in Top 5 for Best Fishing Show and Best Fishing Clip...and Our Good Friend from Nashville, Daniel Lee Martin with Backstage & Backroads is up for Best Combo Show.
The Sportsman Channel will be announcing the finalists for each category of the 2009 Sportsman Choice Awards. By casting the votes over the last month, The Sportsman Channel viewers have narrowed the field to just five finalists in the following categories: Best Hunt Show, Best Shoot Show, Best Fish Show, Best Combination and Best Clips.
Fly Rod Chronicles with Curtis Fleming has made the Top Five in the Best Fishing Show and Best Fishing Clip and Backstage & Backroads with Daniel Lee Martin is in the Top Five for Best Combination Show, so we need your votes once again.
Please take a minute to cast your vote one more time and One Lucky Voter will receive a TFO Curtis Fleming Signature Rod, so everyone is encouraged to log on to www.votesportsman.com to cast their ballot for Fly Rod Chronicles with Curtis Fleming and Backstage & Backroads with Daniel Lee Martin, regardless of whether they voted in the first round or not. Winners in all categories will be based exclusively on the opinions and the votes of viewers. Voting ends December 14th with finalists announced live in Las Vegas at Lagasse Stadium on January 20, 2010.
Log on to www.votesportsman.com and cast your vote for Fly Rod Chronicles with Curtis Fleming for Best Fishing Show and Best Fishing Clip and Backstage and Backroads with Daniel Lee Martin for Best Combination Show!
Curtis Fleming
Executive Producer/Host
Hey Curtis, If you win the award we want a spot at the awards show in Vegas. Vegas has great fishing you know... The last time I was there I caught an ace on the river.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Deals: Almost Givin' it Away

Get 20% off $100 at Sierra Trading Post, use CODE: ALDECEMBER9, valid through 1.7.10

According to the double naught super secret spy email that we received today the code above will get you $20 off your next $100 purchase from our pals at Sierra Trading Post. In what amounts to either an odd twist of fate or a blatant attempt to get us to stock up on sweet fly fishing gear, this latest offer can be combined with other deals that they have floating around on the net.

"Sierra Trading Post decided our customers need a better deal this month– it is after all the holiday season! Your customers can now get 20% off $100 purchases, AND these can be combined with our other on-site offers! Use Code: ALDECEMBER9. Valid December 3rd – January 6th "

The electric bill can wait this month, deals like this don't come along every day. If baby does need a new pair of shoes, they sell those at STP. Add them to your cart along with a sweet fly rod.

As with all good things - some exclusions apply.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

And The Latest Fly Fishing Industry Rumor is....

Industry insiders have reported that Outside Media PR Guru, Hilary Hutcheson (who provided coverage of this year's Fly Fishing Retailer show for our readers) is heading to Patagonia next week . We asked her to pick up one of those righteous SST wading Jackets for us, only to find out at the last minute that she is not going to the famous apparel store but rather going to visit geographical area of the world famous for trout fishing and known by the same name.

Since we didn't get our jacket we have told her that she could make it up to us by providing regular updates about her fishing adventures. Be sure to watch for them here next week and also on her blog aptly named "Holler." You can also follow her exploits via twitter @OutsideHilary.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Other Side of the Story

Earlier we posted about AFFTA announcing plans to announce plans for a new non-nielsen manged fly fishing retailer show and discussing the fact that part of the reason was due to not getting enough booth space at Outdoor Retailer for a successful combination. Now Kenji Haroutunian, group show director for the FlyFishing Retailer and Outdoor Retailer shows sends out an open letter around the same time that gives more background and breaks the news that the show will go on, as a part of Outdoor retailer.

Letter to the Industry,

First I want to thank you, the fly fishing industry for your support and participation with the FlyFishing Retailer World Trade Expo. During the past 11 years, this show has attracted almost every major stakeholder in the fly fishing industry from all 50 states and more than 50 countries worldwide. Even in this challenging global economy, the positive energy that emanated from the show floor in 2009 is proof that even as the fly fishing business landscape shifts, the brands, shops and advocates of fly fishing see a good future when prosperity returns to the economy and the market.

Marketplace Evolves to include 'Outdoor Lifestyle

'Research indicates that active participants in specialty outdoor activities, and fly fishing in particular, crossover to several outdoor 'lifestyle' experiences. As consumers change how they play in the outdoors, businesses are changing their distribution and inventory strategies to both keep pace and stay ahead of this changing consumer behavior. As a result, FlyFishing Retailer is also changing.

Fly Fishing Industry and Outdoor Retailer to Join Forces in 2010

From our 30 years of experience producing scores of specialty-sports tradeshows including 11 years producing FlyFishing Retailer, it is clear that the fly fishing marketplace will be better served now and in the future by expanding its reach to include the overall outdoor specialty marketplace. We are convinced that the best opportunity to grow as a market, and build on the core strength inherent in the fly fishing market, is to be connected to a larger collection of relevant businesses at Outdoor Retailer. Therefore, the entire fly fishing industry is invited to join Outdoor Retailer Summer Market Trade Show in 2010 as the FlyFishing Retailer Trade Expo will no longer be held in Denver.

A Winning Opportunity

More than 25 percent of FlyFishing Retailer companies already exhibit at Outdoor Retailer, and those that haven't are now invited to participate in the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2010 Trade Show. For more than 27 years Outdoor Retailer has provided a specialty wholesale watersports culture that thrives on a national and international level. At OR, consistently more than 20,000 professional participants advance the sales process not only in their own category but across multiple lifestyle segments within the overall specialty outdoor market. Please visit www.outdoorretailer.com now for more information about participating in Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.

Product Testing Outdoors at Outdoor Retailer

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market has a thriving and long tradition of providing a watersports focused product demo day in the environment in which the products are used. More than 1,200 specialty retailers have consistently attended this demo day each year to test canoes, kayaks, paddles, PFD's, waders, rods and reels and other specialty equipment and apparel intended for use in the outdoors. We invite the entire fly fishing industry to join this widely popular retail demo day next summer.

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market takes place August 3-6, 2010 at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, preceded by our Open Air Demo August 2 at the Jordanelle Reservoir, Utah.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.


Kenji Haroutunian
Group Show Director
FlyFishing Retailer/Outdoor Retailer

While we believe the success or failure of any gathering of fly fishing types rests squarely on the quality of libations offered to members of the media, ultimately it will be the participants that decide which of these events becomes the flagship for the fly fishing industry. Everyone will no doubt agree that at any rate, things they are a'changing.

Nielsen Releases AFFTA from FFR Show Contract

Having failed to reach an agreement to combine the Outdoor Retailer and Fly Fishing Retailer shows Nielsen and AFFTA have decided to go their separate ways. Text of the AFFTA press release follows:

Since April, 2009, AFFTA has been in discussions with Nielsen Business Media, owner of the FlyFishing Retailer Expo (FFR) to determine how to improve upon future FFR shows. Nielsen shared AFFTA's desire to improve upon the design and production of future FFR shows.

Thinking outside the box, as the owner of the Outdoor Retailer Show (OR), Nielsen offered to create a "show within a show" by combining FFR with the 2010 Summer OR Show in Salt Lake City. David Loechner, Nielsen Sr. V.P., delivered the "show within a show" proposal to the AFFTA Board at their meeting in September.

According to AFFTA Chairman, Alan Gnann, "When the Outdoor Retailer proposal was first brought to the AFFTA Board's attention, the Board was interested in the opportunities this combination offered. The thought of having our show within a show the size and caliber of OR was initially felt to be a reasonably good fit."

Unfortunately, when the AFFTA Board received the final floor space proposal from Nielsen, the total space allocated to the fly fishing industry was grossly insufficient; the separate space to create the "show within a show" concept was not offered nor was space allocated for indoor casting ponds. In addition, many AFFTA members stated that the timing of the OR Show was not a good fit for the fly fishing industry. Therefore, citing these deficiencies, the AFFTA Board of Directors rejected Nielsen's proposal.

Immediately after the AFFTA Board voted to reject Nielsen's Outdoor Retailer proposal, AFFTA and Nielsen engaged in good-faith negotiations to allow AFFTA the opportunity to acquire the rights and licenses to the FFR show. Unfortunately, these negotiations were unsuccessful and AFFTA asked Nielsen to either produce a 2010 FFR show or terminate the agreement.

According to Gnann, "Nielsen and their predecessors have been great partners and collaborators for many years. Prior to the downturn in the economy, trade shows nationwide were generally profitable and well attended. However, the current economic climate dictates that AFFTA and Nielsen pursue a different business model. Therefore, as of November 30, 2009, Nielsen released AFFTA from its show production contract. It is now time for AFFTA to move on and determine its next course of action."

"Since April, the Board of Directors has been working diligently with Nielsen to consider a wide range of options and combinations for FFR," said AFFTA President Gary Berlin. "Because of confidentiality and non-compete provisions in the Nielsen agreement, the AFFTA Board has been unable to notify the industry of the on-going discussions or issue a press release on the status of the show. Now that AFFTA and Nielsen are no longer contractually obligated, the AFFTA Board is considering multiple options for a 2010 fly fishing industry trade show, including hosting a standalone show or combining with an existing show."

Berlin promises to keep the fly fishing industry up-to-date on AFFTA's plans for a 2010 fly fishing industry trade show.
Update*** Midcurrent has the Nielsen release and they plan on setting up shop on their own.