Monday, December 29, 2008

Gear Review- Smith Optics Interlock Sunglasses

I finally got to wear my new sunglasses out on the water. It was a trip to Mosquito Lagoon in Titusville, FL with Capt Bryan Pahmeier. The shades are light and comfortable and fit my giant cranium nicely. With the amber lenses I was able to spot fish easily in the clear water. I didn't change lenses because the only other color I have is a yellow lens that I am not going to bother with except for driving in low light conditions.
The only small concern I had was that the lenses seemed to be loose from the frames when I first took the glasses out of the cases. I am assuming they got smooshed a little bit in my gear bag. A simple snap and they were back in. Some different color lenses to try out on different color bottoms and different clarity water would be a good addition, but otherwise the glasses are of high quality. I am pleased with them.
Smith Optics Interlocks are available from Suggested retail price $149.00

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