Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sage/Rio/Redington Parent Announces Promotions

Far Bank Enterprises, Inc today announced new roles for President Bruce Kirschner and Vice President Travis Campbell.
Kirschner, a founding shareholder of Sage and current President of Far Bank, moves up to become Chief Executive Officer of Far Bank where he will concentrate on the execution of the organization's long-term strategic vision. "Far Bank has grown into a multi-branded group of companies with the objective to profitably grow both organically and through additional acquisitions," said Kirschner. In his role as CEO, he will focus on the company's continuing evolution from a "branded house" to a "house of brands" built around the fly fishing lifestyle.
In promoting Travis Campbell to President of Far Bank, Kirschner noted that Travis "will have day-to-day operating responsibility for all three brands of the company." Campbell originally joined Sage as its Director of Business Development in 2001, and was instrumental in the purchases of both Redington and RIO. Added Kirschner, "Travis has run both the Redington and RIO businesses so this is a natural evolution and he is clearly ready for this responsibility. Most notably he is a passionate angler, and embodies the values that we believe are essential to our long-term success."
About his new role, Campbell said, "I feel fortunate to work in this industry and I am honored by the opportunity to add to the foundation of success that has been established here. I look forward to working with the Far Bank businesses to drive the principles of innovation, quality and conservation that I think are critical to our organization, as well as to the industry at large."

Both men agree that the first order of action is to maximize the opportunities afforded by the three Far Bank brands. Kirschner said, "The focus here is to continue to drive value to our retailers and consumers by combining the unique capabilities of the three companies while maintaining their individual identities." "It's the logical next step," added Campbell "and is where we'll be concentrating our efforts in coming months."

The promotions for both men are effective August 1, 2008.

Jobs that probably do not suck...

This week's edition of's "Jobs that probably do not suck" is awarded to none other than ESPN and BASS outdoor writer, Don Barone. We have been following DB's well chronicled escapades for quite an while and have found him to be a talented humorist who is well qualified for the award.
For example, while I, in all my pseudo- editorial glory, am slaving away answering last minute Board of Directors questions about why the housing market stinks and builders can't pay for their lumber(they all drive new trucks you know), DB is off on a no doubt expense report rich "tour "of Southern bass fishing spots, hobnobbing with professional anglers, and dining on local delicacies (read as Jelly doughnuts and boiled peanuts). Sure Don has an occasional brush with the supernatural and only occasionally writes about fly fishing, but his story telling acumen makes his work excellent reading.
The best we can make out from our spot in the corporate ivory tower Don's job is to go places, hang out with fishermen, and let things happen to him that can be written about later. He also is affiliated with a group of self described "Bigfoot Exterminators." For these reasons we declare that his "job probably does not suck."
Check out Don's latest article at ESPN Outdoors - "Salmon, steelhead and slobber" and his own personal website Don Barone Outdoors.
Editorial disclaimer - examples of jobs that I may or may not perform mentioned in these postings are in no way intended to imply that my job was anything less than a joy to perform. They are simply used for contrast purposes and all reading this should remember that it is my great co-workers who regularly read this blog who make it all worthwhile....

Food: Trout Sausage

Ok, so it isn't exactly trout bacon but it is probably the next best thing, trout sausage.

From Sunbursts' Kitchens comes a terrific idea to spice up a brunch or breakfast. Sunburst Trout Sausage Patties are a flavorful, healthful alternative to bacon and traditional sausage. A tray containing four 2 ounce patties will be a great addition to eggs, cooked potatoes, or a new wrinkle to Eggs Benedict

Available for purchase here in North Carolina or shipped directly to your door from the Sunburst Trout Company of Canton, NC. We are buttering our cat head biscuits as we type.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Who needs quarters?

Patagonia's World Trout Success Story

Photo: Patagonia's Bill Klyn addresses fly fishing industry insiders at last year's FFR Show in Denver.


Ventura, CA (July 28, 2008) Patagonia, Inc, the outdoor gear and technical apparel company announced today their World Trout initiative, has generated over $333,000 since its inception in 2005.

World Trout was founded by Patagonia owner Yvon Chouinard and author/artist James Prosek, who believed that immediate, hands-on action through grassroots groups can begin to address multiple threats facing our native trout species. Educating the public about these groups’ efforts and raising money to support their activities was the goal. As a result, original artwork by such renowned artists as James Prosek, Tim Borski and Alan James Robinson, has been used to create unique t-shirts, with $5 from the sales of each t-shirt set aside to fund these groups. Patagonia’s Website brought awareness of each group’s effort, and summarized each season, how those funds had been used.

"We cannot depend on the government to address threats facing our fish populations. So we look to specific groups actively and passionately working to protect their fisheries, providing them with funds to get things done" commented Patagonia owner Yvon Chouinard. "We are committed to World Trout, and have made this a long term initiative for our company".
Because of increasing requests for support and the significant amount of dollars being raised, Patagonia is creating additional funding opportunities for both fresh and saltwater grassroots groups working to protect threatened fish. Beginning in August, interested groups can go to the Patagonia website ( to apply for funding through a special online grant process.

"Seeing the hands on success of these groups, plus the global support from all our customers buying t-shirts and recommending worthy organizations, Patagonia wanted to provide an avenue for additional funding. This new World Trout Grants Program allows us to hear directly from grassroots organizations worldwide, allowing us to react to emergency situations and alternative funding strategies", stated Bill Klyn, Fish Marketing Manager.
About Patagonia
Noted internationally for its commitment to product quality, Patagonia’s Environmental Grants program has contributed over $26M to grassroots environmental programs since it first began back in 1985. Since 1993, Patagonia is noted world-wide for using recycled soda pop bottles in many of its polyester fleece garments. Raising the bar even further, our Common Threads Recycling Program takes back ours and our competitors’ polyester underwear and specific Malden Mills fleece, along with organic cotton t-shirts, to be recycled into new fibers. The company has paved the way for others to get on the garment recycling bandwagon. In addition, Patagonia initiated the Footprint Chronicles, a unique, transparent insight into the impact a product generates from its sourcing of materials until it is delivered to our warehouse. For further information on these programs, visit

Stop the Redfish Slaughter

North Carolina Redfish guru, Captain Gordon Churchill, is getting tired of seeing the result of unattended gill netting on Carolina inshore waters. He has formed a Facebook group to help the word out about the destruction these nets are causing to the fishery.

We need everybody to get involved and start making some noise because if we don't nothing will get done. Pass this cause along to as many people as you can. I am not collecting money at this point because I have no place for it to go. But it we can just get a lot of people to join it will show the number involved. Then contact your local legislators and tell them how you feel about this. An email may do it but a phone call is better. Go ahead and call NC DMF and pass along your feelings to the director, Dr Louis Daniels. We have to do this so our kids will be able to go out in a skiff and have a chance to actually catch a fish or three.

Take a moment, join up with his group, and help get the word out. Folllow the link below to sign up. It's free and only takes a few seconds.

Getting a large group of like minded anglers together in one place is the first step towards making a real difference.

Learn more about Capt. Gordon here.

Photo: Capt. Gordon

Friday, July 25, 2008

Lazy / Busy Friday

I am still catching up from this week's trip to Bristol, VA so I haven't been able to post a lot in the last few days. One of the reasons I have been so busy is that my day job "required" that I take a team building float trip down the South Holston River (with free beer no less). Now that's my idea of a way to maximize corporate team spirit!

I'll have photos of the 40+ fish afternoon high water float in the very near future along with the result of a field test of Thingamabobber strike indicators. We caught lots of smallish rainbows and some bigger brown trout on nymphs and (after a big rainstorm came through) a hideous pink San Juan worm.

I also got a ringside seat as a brown trout that was at least 30 inches did the 40 yard dash an inch below the surface while trying to chase down an 8 inch rainbow for his supper. Awesome day on the river.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ready for a Pedicure by Carp?

It's all fun and games until someone loses a toe...
Today finds me doing the road warrior thing in Bristol, VA. So I was surprised to get an email from the "Editorial Trophy Wife" letting me in on the next big thing in spa treatments. Yvonne Hair Nail and Tan of Alexandria,Va is offering its customers a chance to soak their feet in a pool filled with very tiny, and most certainly hungry carp. The tiny carnivorous carp eat the dead skin and toe jam off the customer's feet leaving smooth freshly nibbled flesh where corns and callouses once found a home.
The idea of a pool of tiny (some would say invasive) fish spending their days acquiring a taste for human flesh makes me think that a disaster must surely be lurking around the corner. Let's say a few of the fish find their way into a local river and start to reproduce? Woe be unto the wet wading fly angler who finds themselves sharing a body of water with these tiny man eaters.
Of course given carps penchant for growth this could open up an entirely new type of trophy fishery. Anybody know the recipe for a pinkie toe fly?
Story via the Associated Press

Attention Hunters - Sportsman's Alliance Fundrasier

The folks fighting the Pebble Mine remind us that fishermen aren't the only sportsmen who will be impacted if the giant open pit mine is allowed to become operational. Make a donation and get a chance at some sweet gear and a 10 day guided moose hunt. Hunters can help a great cause and get a chance to win that is better than playing the lottery.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

NC Salt Water Fishing License Reminder

A recent article posted on the site reminds North Carolina salt water anglers over the age of 16 of the requirement for a Coastal Recreational Fishing License. Violations will be subject to a $35 fine with $120 in court costs.
For more information on the requirement follow this link to the Division of Marine Fisheries website.
Want to see where the money is going? Check out this PDF file.

The Sultan of Pike

Today's mail brings a diplomatic pouch containing photos. Western correspondent, Ali Hassan, AKA "The Sultan of Stripe," has added yet another monster fish to his list of conquests. He is shown here with a massive Pike caught at an undisclosed location somewhere West of the Mississippi River.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Who's Spiking the Ponds?

Via Death By 1000 paper cuts comes a disturbing story of interest to wading anglers.

A man wading in the water at the Green Lake Boating Center in Seattle felt a “sharp jab in his foot” Sunday while wading with his family. Pat Boltz reached down and found a metal rod. The rod was sharpened by a machine on the end and it hadn’t gotten there by accident. Nor were the other 38 “spikes”, 2-3 ft. long, found by Seattle police divers.

It sounds like something right off of the screen from but here is a link to the Seattle Times story about the painful discovery. We hope our friends in the Pacific North West quite literally watch their step.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ex Officio Air Strip Shirt Reg. $80 Now $47.95

Ex Officio Air Strip Lite Shirt - UPF 30+, Long Sleeve (For Men)

As much at home in the marina bar as it is on the bone fish (or carp) flats, Ex Officio's Air Strip Lite shirt rarely gets offered at a discount price. Our trade partner Sierra Trading Post currently has a supply of these popular shirts in a variety of colors and sizes.

Dear Fly Fishing Fourm....

(editor's note - the following is presented without commentary and is in fact a fishing story- if you read anything else into it that is your own personal issue - the author's name is withheld in order to protect the guilty)

I guess you could say that I am a skeptic. I never believed the letters that I read in your publication until something just as wild happened to me. It was an early spring morning and I had just risen from a restful night camping by my favorite local fishing hole. The mist was rising from the water as I prepared my morning meal of bacon, beer, and Tylenol accompanied by some wild berries that I had picked the day before. The sun was not yet peeking over the adjacent mountain tops when I heard a splashing coming from around a bend in the stream.

Wondering what it could be, I cautiously crept through the grasses that separated me from the river. Soon I reached a vantage point where I could view the fishing hole and remain unseen. I had no sooner looked out onto the water when I saw her. She was sitting in the middle of the current splashing about wearing only what the good lord gave her. Her proportions were perfect she was just the right size to be a challenge yet not too large for my tastes. She would flit from one end of the pool then back to the other in a manner that could only be described as playful.

As pretty as she was to watch I knew that it was the time for action. I hurried back to camp to get my equipment. As I crept back through the woods I took out my rod. What a thing of beauty it was. Not too long or too short, I hoped it would do the job. After all I had always been told that it was all in how you used it not just the size alone. By the time I had returned to her I found something that truly shocked and disappointed me. Another man had beaten me to her and had perched himself on a rock to her left side. She didn't seem to mind this at all and kept to her business of splashing about the pool as if he wasn't even there.

I watched in silence, not wishing either of them to know I was there. My rod trembled for a chance at her. She ignored his advances and it became obvious that he was getting very frustrated with her. It was at this time I gathered up my courage and took it upon myself to step out from behind the bush that had kept me hidden from their eyes. I expected to see anger on his face or at least a measure of surprise but instead I was greeted with a smile. More a smirk than a smile as he gestured to the waters before me as if to say "Go ahead bloke, give her a go." I guess the fact that I had my rod in my hand had given away my intentions. However, I was relieved at his invitation and began preparing my equipment for action. As soon as I had my gear ready I began my play for her. I remembered what I had been taught and began my rhythmic cast. Back then forwards, then a quick pull and there it was right on the mark. She came to the surface of the pool and examined my fly with interest only to turn away at the last possible second. I was crushed but I felt that she was only playing hard to get so I tried again. This time my movements were more subtle and as she examined my fly I gave a slight twitch. That was all she needed to see and she took the bait hard.

The battle was won but the war was far from over. We moved from one end of the pool to the other. The more I would strip the harder she would pull. I kept my rod high in the air in an attempt to control her, but at times I thought she might snap it in two. The fellow watching in amazement from the bank offered his help with a net but I promptly declined. He hadn't been able to handle her before. Why should he help now? I feared he intended to whack her on the head with a large rock in order to get her to submit. That was not my style.

Finally she tired of our game and rather easily came to hand. I admired her shiny flesh and beautiful color before letting her slide back into the pool that was her home. She lazily splashed away as if nothing had happened. The fellow who had been watching was still quite excited and shouted, "Helluva fish you had there mate!" I nodded in agreement as I put my rod away. This would truly be a day to remember. Maybe I'll even write about it to one of those men's magazines. Yeah, maybe even Field & Stream.

Jobs that probably do not suck...

Being fly fishing royalty meets our criteria for a job that probably does not suck. We are thinking an endless supply of free gear, clothes, places to fish, groupies, and no shortage of anglers who want to purchase adult beverages for you.
As for Lefty, we met him out in Denver last year and we thought he was a real nice guy. As with all the posts in this ongoing series, if your job "does not suck" please let us know about it in the comments. We might consider a career change...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Next in the review queue

Showing soon in the corporate screening room, a dispatch from the islands by way of New Zealand. "The Search" from Gin-Clear Media.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Non-Resident Fishing Factoid

Where anglers go to fish and spend

Non-resident anglers like to visit Florida for fishing and spending followed by Wisconsin, Minnesota and South Carolina.

Florida: $1,002,619,157 (885,000 anglers)
Wisconsin: $599,378,653 (381,000 anglers)
Minnesota: $409,704,010 (319,000 anglers)
South Carolina: $370,652,772 (283,000 anglers)
Total United States: $8,953,864,300 (6,494,000 anglers)

Source Southwick Associates - Via the AuCoin Report

My new Bugati is here...

from Albright tackle. It's light weight with a more than adequate disk drag and at under $40 it makes a great addition to my Albright 9 weight travel rod. Now to find a cooperative fish to put it to the test.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

DVD Review: Sporting Fly - Madison River

The anglers at Sporting Fly sent us a copy of their latest "reality style" destination video about the waters of Montana's Madison River. This video from Sporting Flyo's might best be described as allowing the viewer to ride along with host Dave Long and Director Rob Pontello, as they fish the Madison River. On this trip we get to spend some quality time with several famous Montana fly fishers, including guides Bob Jacklin and Craig Matthews. These pros give some excellent tips that would assist anglers of any skill level.
This is a reality style video, and true to the format, we get to see fish both hooked and missed and also caught and lost. Slippery fish are released in some pretty acrobatic, albeit inadvertent ways, sometimes going flying through the air and back into the water. Often this is followed by the refrain, "That's one way to release a fish." I was glad to see that this happens to other anglers and not just me.
During a float trip there is no attempt to indicate that our hosts and their guides have the river to themselves, but rather they go out of their way to show that the river is used by lots of anglers and that heavy use of the river doesn't have an adverse impact on the fishing. It also gives host Long a chance to talk about river etiquette both while rowing and while using the river bank.
The big fish moment of this video comes when Bob Jacklin is shown landing a 10lb brown trout which he considers to be one of the largest ever caught on the Madison. How the host addresses the fact that Jacklin elected to keep the fish to hang on his wall is well worth watching and it shows these guys aren't afraid of talking about controversy.
Overall I would say that this DVD is a great look at one of the nation's top trout rivers. The hosts do an excellent job of letting us tag along on their fishing trip and we get rewarded with great scenery and a feel for what fishing the Madison river is like for the visiting angler. It is not your typical "destination" video, but it also does not fall into the genre of the hip new fast paced, music blaring, fish porn. It is a nice middle ground that will appeal to a large audience.
The more I watch video's hosted by Sporting Fly, the more I like them. You have to appreciate the passion that an angler has for his sport when he breaks off in the middle of an interview to cast to a big trout rising to a salmon fly. I am not ashamed to say that I would have done the same thing myself.
Sporting Fly's Madison River - Montana DVD runs 45 minutes and is available via the Sporting Fly web site for $29.95. As of this writing, shipping is free. They feature several other rivers and offer their videos for download to your Ipod or other media player.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Spotted in the airport

Fishing Jones sighted while waiting on a plane. Pick up this month's Boating Magazine and find some tips for bringing your boat on business trips. Our cognitive wheels are now spinning.
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Windy city lunch

We usually enjoy our dogs Carolina style with mustard, cole slaw, and chili, but these concoctions taste pretty good as well.
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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tulsa urban fishing hole.

The lack of my travel rod is probably keeping me from getting thrown out of my hotel.
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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Gear: Rising Belt Buckle / Bottle Opener

This week finds us on the road for a mandatory trip (without fishing) to the state of Oklahoma where we will be spending some time with the Sultan of Stripe and various and sundry other individuals.

While I will be in meetings I can only wonder if somewhere, someone isn't standing on a salt flat using one of these Belt Buckle / Bottle Openers to open the celebration of the tarpon they just released.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Orvis Tent Sale

Its Summer Tent Sale time again at Orvis. We checked it out and found some excellent deals on fly selections, lines and leaders, and even fly rods.

NC Mt. Heritage Trout Waters Program

The Asheville Citizen Times announced that Richland Creek in Waynesville, NC has been designated NC Mountain Heritage Trout Waters. This means that both resident and non-resident anglers can purchase a special three day permit and fish these waters for only $5.
Important note: The Mountain Heritage Trout Water license can only be purchased online or by calling the toll-free number above. Wildlife Service Agents do not sell this license.
Follow this link for more information about the program.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Fly Fishing Quote Of The Week

Our Fly Fishing Quote for this week comes from an article featured on about raising taxes for a sewer system

Goodman counters that taxing anglers is only fair, since they put so much pressure on the town’s infrastructure. “I tell them, ‘Look, you guys always complain about the fly fishing, here’s a way to extract a pound of flesh from them for the resources they’re using,’” he said. “It’s all out-of-state fishermen.”

And all this time we thought the townies liked us turistas with our dollars. This reminds me of a conversation I once overheard outside of a strip joint.
"If I didn't know better, I would swear that those drinks were watered down and those girls only wanted our money."

photo via

The Official Blackened Tuna Sandwich...

of Located at N 35 54.619', W 075 35.887' and only served when they can get it fresh.
This is our take on hot spotting here at Care to share the coordinates of your favorite feed? Tell us about it in the comments.

Matching The Hatch

I won't say exactly what species I am going after, but the french fly crease flies might give me away.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Jobs that probably do not suck...

Today while taking in the view of the graveyard out my office window and working on a seemingly endless power point presentation about DSO and risk etc. I couldn't help but allow my mind to wander to the subject of jobs that probably don't suck.

Today we honor Jose Wejebe and his job as host of television's The Spanish Fly. This guy has what may be the best title for a fishing show ever, a laid back demeanor, builds airplanes in his spare time, and fishes all over the world. Jose, today we lift our tepid cup of coffee in your honor and realize that we probably need to go fishing very badly very soon.

Nominate your own person who has a "job that probably doesn't suck" via the comments.

photo via (we hope Jose doesn't mind us using it)


If you prefer to wear you Polaroids over your perscription glasses you might be interested in the latest offering from Live Eyewear - The Cocoons Pro Series.

Enhanced features provide the comfort and reliability of the original Cocoons, with the bonus features necessary to enhance the outdoor experience

San Luis Obispo, CA – Live Eyewear announces the official launch of the Cocoons Pro Series polarized sunwear collection which incorporates all of the features that have made Cocoons the number one OveRx brand in the world, as well as some unique features that are not found on the standard Cocoons.

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Visit the Live Eyewear website for addtional information