Sunday, September 30, 2007

National Fly Fishing Championship: Oct. 1st - 7th

The National Fly Fishing Championships are being held October 1st -7th. Participants in the event will fish two lakes and three streams in an effort to qualify for a spot on Team USA.

Since we just got back from the FFR show we couldn't manage to be in Colorado to cover the event ourselves. However, Colorado Steering Committee Member, Paul Prentiss has told us that he will endeavor to keep us in the loop. Paul is part of Colorado's Trout Unlimited who spends countless man hours putting on the event.

Here is a link to the schedule. We are trying to get some additional reports from this year's event. If you are a participant or otherwise involved and send us regular reports, we will gladly dig through our bag of schwag and send you something cool for your trouble.

In case you missed it, here is a link to our slide show from the Southeast Regional.

Champion Outfitters fishing report contributors, Rod and Matt Champion of Champion Outfitters received a nice write up in Bristol Herald Courier. Their shop is located less than a mile from Tennessee's South Holston River.
Before we moved to this location, we ran a little fly shop in North Carolina. We then guided from a little log cabin right across the bridge from the weir dam," Rod Champion said. "Fishermen were out there at all hours of the day, so we decided that we needed a fly shop on the river. We searched for a location, found this building and took the plunge."
The 18 miles of bountiful trout river in Northeast Tennessee attracts fishing enthusiasts from across the globe. The client list for the Champions and other guide services in the Mountain Empire is wide.

"We’ve been guiding in this area for nearly five years, and we’ve had a great time meeting working with all the different folks," Rod Champion said. "Fly fishermen are diverse group. There is no average age or typical profile. The sport is for everyone."
The guiding business is competitive and time-consuming. However, Rod Champion said their work is all about family-style fun.

"It’s a unique privilege and pleasure to work with my son on a daily basis," Rod Champion said. "Matt is just a natural at guiding."
Want to be successful like the Champions? Send fishing reports to Ok maybe we are exaggerating it a bit. Fly shop ownership is not a requirement for report submission.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Video: Smith Optics New Interlock

Drew Simmons demonstrates Smith Optics new Interlock sunglasses with interchangeable lenses.

Trout Drought

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has announced that its fall trout stocking will be curtailed due to low water conditions on mountain streams. Some streams will only see half of their normal numbers of stocked trout until rain brings Carolina streams back to normal levels.
We have been carefully monitoring water levels and aquatic habitat in delayed-harvest waters over the last eight weeks and have decided to reduce the number of trout stocked until conditions improve and available habitat increases,” said Kyle Briggs, fish production supervisor. “We try to match our stocking rates to the habitat conditions in individual streams.

“Because stream levels are extremely low right now, it makes sense for us to adjust trout stockings accordingly.”

When western North Carolina gets some much-needed rain and stream flows improve, biologists will stock 213,000 fish — 85,195 brook trout, 42,610 brown trout and 85,195 rainbow trout — as originally planned.
Maybe we should all go down to Florida for the opening of gator fishing season.

Hanging out with Jim C.

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Everybody loves the Green Drake

The Winston Salem Journal website posts a worthy news item. The Green Drake Fly Shop in Winston Salem has survived for seven years. Their secret?
“You have to continue to work hard at it,” he said. “If you don’t, somebody will come in and try to take your place.”
How does he handle the competition?

To compete, Gordon provides one-on-one service and makes special orders for customers.
The store also provides free shipping on special orders to give customers a reason to come into the store rather than shop online.

“We try to underpromise and overdeliver,” Gordon said.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Will they call them Slout or Tralmon?

The Telegraph over across the pond in the UK is reporting that Japanese scientists have been successful at breeding trout from salmon. What is the ultimate goal of these piscatorial alchemists? They eventually hope to turn mackerel into tuna, thereby assuring a spicy tuna roll in every pot for years to come.
The embryos they produced developed into adult trout of both sexes, capable of producing either trout sperm or eggs. These were then combined to produce healthy trout offspring.
The scientists say the technique could be used to preserve threatened species if traditional methods such as reducing fishing, breeding in captivity or restoring their habitat fail.
However, the real target of the work is the bluefin tuna – an important ingredient in Japanese sushi and sashimi.

Hanging out with Pete!

Not the famous blogger Pete, but rather the retired tennis playing one.

Pebble Mine: Just In case you had forgotten...

Here is Felt Soul Media's trailer "Red Gold" for their new film about the quest to stop the Pebble Mine in Alaska. Think barrels of cyanide at the headwaters of the worlds largest salmon fishery. This video took top honors at the Drake Magazine's five minutes of fly fishing video awards. Special thanks to WayUpStream for getting this out via Youtube.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Randy Ratliff's East Tennessee Fishing Reports

Photo: Troutfishers Guide Service helps put Tim Linehan of Trout Unlimited Television on his first Smallie in 20 years.

Randy Ratliff of the TroutFishers Guide Service posts the following East Tennessee fishing report:

Troutfishers Guide Service, Randy Ratliff
When: September 2007
South Holston, Watauga, Holston Proper

Hello everyone, it looks like we are finishing up the Summer season and the Fall season is upon us. The cooler temperatures are a relief from the scorching hot temperature we have had lately. We are seeing some rains to help with water flow, but it is not enough to recover from the drought.

Mark your calendars to come and see us at Jesse Brown's on Thursday September 27th, 6:30pm at their Sharon Corners store in Charlotte, North Carolina. We will be giving a presentation on Fall and Winter fishing in East Tennessee. Here is a link for further information and directions:

On Saturday September 29th I will be at the Orvis Store in Raleigh talking on Fly Fishing in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I hope you can come out and see our presentations. Here is a little report on how the fishing has been here in East Tennessee:

South Holston

The morning wade and afternoon float trips are doing very well. We use terrestrials and sulphur emergers while wading. All areas of the river are fishing good. Our afternoon float trips during generation have been great. We see the sulphurs really start coming off around 2pm and we have been using a size 16 tan comparadun to bring many nice rainbows and browns to the boat. When the hatch slows down we use terrestrials near the bank and swing soft hackles in the better current lines. Seeing those big browns slurp a beetle or cricket off the surface is something to see.


The Watauga has seen some local rain showers each evening and it is helping with the float trips. We are using small beadhead Pheasant Tails and Zebra Midges while nymphing. There is a small tan caddis hatching and craneflies are still coming off as well. We are not seeing the BWOs yet. When we float during generation it is olive and black Woolly Buggers (size 6) that produce the most. Our "Dumb Blonde" and "Plum Crazy" buggers are also doing great. It is about time to see the October Caddis start popping and we are looking forward to this hatch.

The Holston Proper

The smallmouth action has been very good for the last couple of weeks. The action has been mainly topwater poppers with an occasional fish on clousers and hellgrammite imitations. We have been seeing 30 to 50 fish days while floating. The grass is thick in the lower river but the fish are holding in it. They are chasing minnows getting ready for Fall.

Mountain Streams

With the drought conditions these streams are very low. Stoney Creek at one point has gone underground. Many of my prime streams are just down to a trickle so we have been not fishing these waters.

We still have dates available for Fall and early Winter fishing. Give us a call at 423-360-1468 or email me at to set up a fishing trip for you.

Randy Ratliff
Troutfishers Guide Service

Bidoz: Tungsten Nymph Bodies

Personally I think its only fair to at least wrap them in dubbing or something but these easy to tie on super heavy tungsten nymph bodies will certainly catch the eyes of the Czech nymphers in the crowd. They come in natural, orange, gold, and olive and can be used to tie down to a size 18 fly. Available at a fly shop near you and manufactured by Bidoz.


The dark, tannin stained waters of the Blackwater River host runs of striped bass, river herring (alewives and blueback), American and hickory shad in the spring. Angling for redbreast sunfish ("red throats" or "red robins") is also quite good in the spring. The river also hosts largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie, flier, and chain pickerel populations. Bowfin and gar are common in the lower main stem. Angling for bowfin provides a great opportunity to catch many hard-fighting fish in a short amount of time. The possibility also exists to land a trophy bowfin over ten pounds.
Just ignore the black helicopters.
Via the VDGIF

Sunday, September 23, 2007

FFR Show 2007: Reflections from the casting pond

The wife and I just got back into town from the retailer show in Denver, Colorado where we were able to look at copious amounts of new fly fishing gear, hang out with old and new friends, and get a general feel for the direction of fly fishing as an industry from folks who make their living at the sport we so enjoy. We will have more detailed postings about gear and such later on but for now here are a few of our impressions from this year's show:
Patagonia Pals
First things first, we have to mention Patagonia, Inc. For the past two years they have acted as our host at the show and thanks to folks like Brian Bennett and Steve Stracqualersi we have always been made to feel very welcome. They are a great organization that makes excellent fly fishing product and more importantly does a great deal of good for the environment. A few of their programs that deserve mention are 1% for the planet, Common Threads Garment Recycling, and supporting the World Trout Initiative. A few their products that caught our eye include the combination FishingVest / PFD , and their Pack Vest which combines a fishing vest and back pack in one package. We will be posting about additional Patagonia products in the near future.
New Rods
On the upper end of the spectrum we got our hands on the new Orvis Helios and can say that it has to be the lightest fly rod we have ever held. It will be available in 2008 for around $755.
The big news from Sage was their new line of bass rods. We didn't get to try one of these at the casting pool but with their old school yellow finish they sure did look nice. Their 7'11" length might just allow Sage some inroads into the world of competitive bass tournaments.
Brad Beefus of Ross Worldwide took us through the paces with their Mel Krieger endorsed Essence fly rod series. The rods come in three levels of "trim," with slightly different actions, the FC, FS and at the top of the line the FW. With rods from $99 to $199 and complete outfits from $199 to $249 these rods are an affordable option for anglers. Ross designed these rods and their tapers from the ground up and it seems to have made a difference in the end result. We test casted a 3 weight from each of the three rod classes and found each of them to have a very nice feel. The rods and outfits will hit the market in October of this year.
Ryan Harrison, managing partner of The Waterworks /Lamson sat down with us and took us through his line of super light weight reels. He explained the company's revolutionary drag design featuring a completely sealed conical clutch as well as their almost bomb proof hard alox finish. The company's big news was the introduction of $120 price point reel called the Konic. The Konic features the same drag as their $400+ models but is die cast and has a salt water safe polyurethane finish.
Polarized Eye wear
We will have more detailed posts on this later but we were able to spend time with three of the players in fly fishing eye protection and fish spotting.
Smith Action Optics - Long time friend of the fly fisher. Tons of anglers wear them.
Panoptix - Started in Cycling - Flip Pallot wears them.
Kaenon - Italian design - proprietary lens material. Conway Bowman wears them.
Seattle outfitter Filson debuted their new five layer fishing waders which will be available March 1st, 2008 at a $310 MSRP. I can say that they look and feel just like what you would expect in a Filson wader. They have built in gravel guards, wool lined hand warmer pockets with brass buttons.
We will continue our coverage with additional products from the show in these and other categories so be sure to check back often.

When in Estes Park, Colorado.....

Guests of (namely the wife and I) stay at the rental home of our generous friend Clark Cyr. Clark has two rental properties in Estes Park and we would recommend either as first class properties that make for a top shelf place to stay. Both have a stunning view of Long's Peak and are very convenient to town and the national park. Tyrolean even has a rooftop observation deck and large hot tub.

If you are planning a visit to the Rocky Mountain National Park and would like to rent either the four bedroom 2.5 bath Tyrolean or the one bedroom Chalet contact Ponderosa Realty & Management, Inc.
A view of Long's Peak from the front deck.

Post FFR Slide Show: Rocky Mountain National Park

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Roller Derby Girls Read FlyFishMagazine

We interrupt our coverage of the Fly Fishing Retailer Show to bring you this startling news:

In what can only be described as the coolest thing ever to happen in the realm of fly fishing blogging, FlyfishMagazine's Blog has received link love from the Naptown Roller Girls Roller Derby team. Our adolescent dreams are now fully realized.

Link to the link on the Roller Girls forum site.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Colorado update

As you might have been able to tell from my lack of posting, internet access is slim here at the Flyfishmagazine western compound. Thumb typing a post is not my idea of fun.

Yesterday was very cool as we took a drive up into the high tundra and saw some beautiful views. On the way back to Estes Park we stopped off at what amounts to a Colorado blue line stream. I caught several brookies with some beautiful colors and a lot of fight but no Green backs yet. I'll have some photos to post later.

Today we are going to check out some small lakes that just might hold our quarry. More later.
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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Show Update: Patagonia Store Reception

Three guys with cool jobs, Casey Sheahan - CEO Patagonia, Inc, Bill Ritter - Governor of Colorado, and Yvon Chouinard - Owner of Patagonia, Inc. (apologies to Mr. Chouinard for the poor photo composition)

Two guys with jobs that are slightly less hip but cool none-the-less. Tom Chandler - Czar of The Trout Underground and Brian Bennett - Newly promoted to a soon to be announced job at Patagonia, Inc.

Aside from eating and drinking on the dime of large corporations I did manage to get my hands on some new fishing gear. I'll post more about it once my feet and head stop hurting. So far the oddest item of schwag that I have received would have to be my new ExOfficio boxer shorts.

Best of Show: Patagonia's Tech Belt

The award for best item of clothing at this year's Fly Fishing Retailer Show goes to this belt from Patagoina. Our pal from Moldy Chum demonstrates why in this video.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Lefty's in the House

Lamson's new Konic

From 120-140 dollars, this is lamson's entry into the lower priced reel market. It is die cast and has a salt water safe coating.
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Rising's new rigging station for boats

One of the neatest new ideas we have seen at the show. A rigging station designed for boats that holds all your tippet, floatant, nippers, and etc in one place mounted to the side of your boat. If they take our idea for a magnet mount to heart then we will have one securely affixed to the tail gate of our truck as well.

Friday, September 14, 2007

FFR Show or Bust

Most likely as you read this the wife and I will be crammed into a tiny tin can of an airplane on our way to the mile high city where we will be taking part in the Fly Fishing Retailer Show. The wife is in charge of all things fly fishy fashion while I will do the grunt work of drooling over the latest and greatest fly fishing gear. We plan on live blogging the event to the best of our ability and net access so watch for semi-regular postings about our adventures. Let us just say that the show's tag line "tie one on" does not always relate to fishing flies.
One of the highlights of the show is always the Blogger and Beer Safety meeting at the Patagonia booth. Instigated by our pal B2 from Moldy Chum, the event makes it possible for us to hang out with many of our favorite Internet characters. We might even get the opportunity to share a slaw dog with the blogger we most want to be like when we grow up,Tom Chandler of the Trout Underground. This gathering is one of the first we will be attending and I think the intention of the "safety meeting" is to prepare us for the many malt beverages to come during the three day event.
Post FFR frivolity one of the wife's friends has loaned us the use of his alpine cabin near Estes Park. Our intention is to attempt to unwind from the stress of the event while spending some much needed time with each other. When we planned the trip I told the wife that I would be spending quite a bit of time looking for "green backs." However, I am not quite sure she understood that I was talking about a cutthroat trout.
Stay tuned for more reports from the field.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Media Fishing Quote of the Week

From a CBS Sportsline Article projecting what might be found in a sports almanac from the year 2057 listed under the heading Extinct Sports Leagues:

"Fishing For Pit Bulls (FFPB): Introduced in 2015, no one believed league founder Michael Vick that it was a good idea to stock lakes with pit bulls. Vick's excuse that he thought dogs could survive underwater for long periods of time fell on deaf ears. "

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Shameless Commerce: Sept.Coupon Deals

Regular readers will know that we are busy preparing for this weekend's trip to Denver, Colorado where we will be taking part in this year's Fly Fishing Retailer show. By taking part we pretty much mean that we will be wandering the rows and rows shiny new fly fishing gear and gadgets mouths ajar all the while drooling like Bill Belichick in the video camera section of a Circuit City store.

In our haste to pack our travel rod we almost forgot to bring you this month's gear deals from our valued affiliate partners.

Coupon 125x125
Any angler worth his salt can spend at least $75 at Sierra Trading Post and thereby obtain free shipping. Remember we make it far too easy for you to shop "the Post" by devoting several hours of our computer programming trolls time to listing all of their fishing related items in our Deals on Gear Page. This month we suggest that you pay special attention to their deals on waders. Find what you want then come back here and use the coupon above for the free shipping.

Joe's Sports

Joe's Sports
Put your math skills to good use as Joe's Sporting Good's gives you a couple of different options this month. You may get free shipping off your order of $99 or more or 15% off your entire order. Choose wisely grasshopper!

Thompson Cigar
Word on the hill is that those politico types are lobbying hard to put big time taxes on your favorite smokes. Two words - "Stock Up."

As always, we thank you for shopping through our affiliates. We know you have many choices when you are looking for things to hide from your significant other and we thank you for supporting our blogging habit. Watch for more details about our coverage of the Fly Fishing Retailer Show in tomorrow's posting.

Fishing Smarter for Trout: Free Online

New Zealand fishing guide Tony Bishop is offering his book "Fishing Smarter for Trout" to read for free via his website: "Fish with Bish in New Zealand". However, purists be warned:
The book is aimed primarily at new fly fishers, but it does seemed to been read by many better than novice fishers. But be warned if you are a purist, save yourself a heart attack, and count your dry flies instead :)
Be sure to visit his Blog "Bish on Fish" in between chapters.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Jay Moore's Middle Tennesee Fishing Report Middle Tennessee Editor sent in the following fishing report:
It’s been a while since I posted a fishing report because until recently there has not been much to report. My friend Phil and I have been fishing the same places, catching a fair number of small fish, but nothing to write home about. A few weeks ago we tried a different spot and met a newcomer to the fly fishing world named Ryan. A local fly shop had sold him a lot of flies that were destined to never catch a fish, so Phil decided to help him out. I know I kid Phil a lot but he is a good guy and spent a lot of time with Ryan. He gave him some flies and and showed him how to fish them and in a few minutes Ryan caught his first trout on a fly rod. He ended up landing about ten trout that morning and was completely hooked on the sport.

While I am on the subject of my friend Phil, two weeks ago we had a great trip to the Caney Fork. Phil only landed 5 fish but the fish were some of the largest we have seen this year. He landed a 19”, 16”, and 15” rainbow and did a great job bringing them in. I also caught three large rainbows but nothing that beat Phil’s big fish. He said it was the best he has caught on the Caney and it was certainly one of the largest I have seen in a long time. All these big fish were hooked on either a size 16 black zebra midge or size 16 Blue Bomber tied in the Moore house kitchen.

I thought I would include something for my daughter Mylisa in this report. She gave me a fishing cap for fathers day and I have worn it the last three trips and I think it’s my new lucky hat. I have landed almost 60 trout since I started wearing it and I will keep it on until the luck runs out. Thanks Mylisa, I need all the help I can get.

Fly Fishing People: Ron Barnes

Our Eastern North Carolina law enforcement pal sends us these photos explaining why he is the official fly tying materials gatherer of Here he shows his skill at gathering wood duck flank and goose biot in the wild.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Hi / Lo: Trout Art Prices

From time to time we like to take the pulse of the internet fly fishing market place by looking at what holds the top and bottom price points on Google's product pages (formerly Froogle). This time we did a search for "Trout Art" and here is what came up:

At $9,343 (and already sold mind you) artist Carl Roberts of South Africa takes top honors with his work entitled "Must Be A Brown Trout."

The lowest priced item is under the heading of "Trout Art" is a ringtone for your cellphone of Schubert's "Quintet for Piano in A Major Trout Tema con variazioni" for only $0.22.

However, we found this photo of two trout kissing up for sale via Featurepics for a mere $0.50 to be much more interesting. It almost makes us wish it were Valentines day.

National Fly Fishing Championships: Oct. 1st - 6th

The Daily Sentinel's Dave Buchanan writes about the upcoming National Fly Fishing Championships in Colorado where 70 anglers will vie for a spot on the US Fly Fishing Team. Pictured above is North Carolina native and Fly Fishing Team USA member Josh Stephens.
The venues for the early rounds include the Big Thompson and Cache La Poudre rivers and Dowdy and Parvin lakes, both of which are north of Fort Collins. The actual fishing competition will take place Oct. 3-5.

The individual anglers won’t know which area they fish until a blind draw is conducted one week before the event.

Competing in the national championship, which is being billed as the largest fly-fishing competition in the U.S., will be the 15 members of the current U.S. Fly Fishing Team, five-person regional teams from around the country and national teams from Ireland, Great Britain and Canada.
Here is a quick run down of the folks who qualified for the event at the Southeast Regional:
Team 1
Lee, Chris © - Sylva, NC
Bean, Keith - Maryville, TN
Hamann, Dejon - Buffalo, NY
Harman, Ryan - Hot Springs, NC
Seitz, Heather - Allison Park, PA

Team 2
Shuler, Eugene © - Bryson City, NC
Childress, Wayne - Altavista, VA
Dumitru, Marius-Adrian - New Westminster, BC/Canada
Parrott, Stephen - Evergreen, CO
Rogers, Alan - Cherokee, NC

Sunday, September 09, 2007

DIY: Handmade Classic Motor Boat

Winchester, Virginia contractor Dave Hepler built this beauty of a motor boat from scratch. The picture comes from Mike Feinman who is the General Manager of The Contractor Yard in the same town. Mike is our parrott head co-worker pal and helped source some of the special materials for Mr. Hepler's excellent project.


From an article in the San Francisco Chronicle about the battle to stop the Pebble Mine in Alaska's Bristol Bay area:
Northern Dynasty officials scoff at what they call an alarmist campaign. "We know Bristol Bay is a sensitive area," said Sean Magee , vice president for public affairs. "But there've been tremendous changes in the mining industry in the past 25 years. These projects can be done safely now: Mining and fishing can coexist."
Common Sense:
"Most Americans will never get to Bristol Bay," said Brian Kraft , who owns a local fishing lodge and works for the conservation group Trout Unlimited. "But they see our bears playing in waterfalls on the Discovery Channel. They can experience the taste of wild salmon.
"They know that we can destroy places like this, but we can't create them."

SRN: Sierra Summits Skin Products

This is an official Schwag Reception Notification or SRN as we call them here at the In the interest of full disclosure we thought that we should let you know that Dennis Peek with Sierra Summits Skin Products mailed us a nifty Adventure Traveler Gift Pack which includes a tube of High Altitude Adventure Sunblock (SPF 30), a tin of Superfly Therapeutic Lip Ointment (promptly seized by my balm addicted spouse), and a sport stick of Sierra Summits Trail Healer - All Natural Healing Balm (currently soothing a nasty spider bite on my leg.)

Our intention is to give these products a thorough field test after the Fly Fishing Retailer Show in Denver next week. The High Altitude sunblock should prove most helpful as our post show accommodations are situated well above 8,000 foot mark. More on those later.

Their website also contains an excellent section on skin cancer prevention called Derm 101.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fly Rod Bling

What do you get when you take a master goldsmith / jeweler and turn him loose on the world of fly rod building? Press release follows:


J. Marcus, a Master Goldsmith with over 35 years hands-on experience working at the bench in the jewelry trades introduces one-of-a-kind, handmade, reel seats, ferrule plugs and other fly rod jewelry.
The term "fly rod jewelry" has been much bandied about for the last few years. Although a few suppliers of metal and wooden parts for fly rods have made items that are of good quality and appearance, few or, perhaps, none of them have possessed the knowledge, skills and experience of a real goldsmith. Now J. Marcus, a master goldsmith with more than 35 years of bench experience in the jewelry trades, and a fly fisher since the age of six, enters the field. His reel seats and other fly rod parts reflect years of experience crafting high-end, one-of-a-kind personal jewelry in precious metals and gems. He has experience in building fly rods and has associated for many years with split cane rod builders, whose preferences helped shape the nature and appearance of the J. Marcus line of products.

J. Marcus’ reel seats are crafted of nickel alloy ("nickel silver") ornamented with precious metals such as 18K gold. The inserts are turned from fine woods and inlayed with fossil ivory, rare minerals, precious metal and gemstones. Most of the seats contain an area of fossil ivory where the purchaser may have the reel seat personalized in scrimshaw.

The J. Marcus website also offers hand-turned ferrule plugs of fossil ivories and other quality materials, as well as a selection of his handcrafted custom jewelry.

If you would like more information about this topic, visit the J. Marcus ~ Fine Handmade Reel Seats website at: or please call: Marc (J. Marcus) at: 360/647-5195 or email Marc at:

He sources his exotic woods from sustainable sources or dead fall and even makes use of scraps from other woodworking shops that would normally be thrown away.